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Poor thing! Good thing you noticed her and got her to get medical attention.
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i was in a violent relationship for 20 years,he did a good job on me,i was at a very low point when i finally left him,he caused so many probs for me when i did break free,but that was 10 years ago,im a different person now,im confident and best of all im happy.
reading that story made my blood go cold,what gives a man the right to beat a woman up,its must make them feel so good a real man men like that should be put away for a very long time,till they are no threat to women again.
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Hissy, whether it be animal rescue or reaching out to the hurting humans that stumble across your path, you never fail to amaze me. I'm glad that this girl found her way to your kindness. My thoughts are with her. I've been there, too.
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It's amazing to me how many cat owners have survived abuse. Perhaps it is the peace these gentle creatures offer when they snuggle into our laps, or headbump us their approval that draws us together? I don't know what it is, but I know as she was sitting in my kitchen, I only wished I had a small bottle baby to offer her. As beat up and in shock as she was, my thoughts rested on the healing power of a small defenseless kitten sucking on a bottle grabbing on to life.

I know many here who have walked down the path of abuse and some have escaped and others are still weighing their options. I know the head trips that these abusive men play and prey on and how strong they are physcially, yet the reality is they are all cowards.

I hope that caught the monster who in one single second decided to punch out someone that once loved him. I hope they caught him and incarcerated him so he can do no more damage to that now fragile soul.
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My next door neighbour and her bf have a rocky relationship, and it doesn't help matters that she's 3 months pregnant either

Hope came in last weekend because they'd had more words, and while she sipped her coffee through her tears, Rosie jumped up onto the kitchen table where we were sitting and starting headbutting Hope She remarked how loving she was more than usual?, and i said it'll be because she knows your upset
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For anyone on here who has been abused...
Even if you are (hopefully) safe now, it never hurts to talk to someone about what happened so that the emotional scars heal. The vast majority of domestic violence shelters have counselors who will work with abuse surviors free of charge (and won't require you to stay in the shelter).
Also, there are some wonderful books that you can read:
"Encouragements for the Emotionally Abused Woman" by Beverly Engel
"Why Does He Do That? : Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men" by Lundy Bancroft
"Healing the Trauma of Domestic Violence: A Workbook for Women (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)" by Edward Kubany, PhD.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
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Thank God I have never lived through that, I feel for everyone who has though, I don't know why men like to be abusive and I know there are women also who do it, I guess it's a power thing somehow.
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Last year i heard the lady upstairs get abuse by her husband, her children were screaming mummy mummy and i heard her being pushed on the floor and i heard the punches he gave her, i was so angry, i nearly called the police, the next day she was telling her child off at the stairs while i was having dinner so i opened the door and asked her if everything was alright and if i could help her. She was so angry at me for butting into her business.

I unfortunately know how people dont want to get involved in situations like this and in a way i do not blame them either.
But the person who has been hurt will always appreaciate your help even if they wont talk to you or be rude.

You are a wonderful person MA i wish more people like you were actually out there.
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to you, MA. Bless your heart. It's a good thing tiny kittens and battered girls have someone like you to look after and help them.
I will be sending out good vibes for that girl.
And hoping that her abuser gets equally abused in JAIL.
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Bless you MA for helping that girl! I wish someone would've helped me when I was in that situation. My ex would beat me up and noone would bat an eye.
I put him in jail one time and then stupidly bailed him out again after he hit me so hard my head bounced off a metal mailbox. it cut me pretty good let me tell you!
His friends finally saved me, otherwise I think I'd have died there. Now I have Brad, who is so sweet and kind I don't know how I survived all that time before him!
The scars are still there but since then, I hear that "ex" is really sick and having severe weight problems. People ask me if I am happy he's sick. No, not really. I am not like him. I care no matter what. I can't be cruel.
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