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The Glutten Bowl

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I hate to admit it but I was horrible, disgustingly fascinated by a TV show on Fox last night. They had a show called Glutton Bowl. It was an eating competition. The had people ranging from 130 pounds to over 400 pounds. They had to eat everything from hot dogs to mayomaise (by itself) to the final championship event - cow brains. It was disgusting to watch, yet I couldn't look away - I had a horrible fascination that 1 - people would do this to themselves & 2 - that they would eat such horrible things. The person who won (130 pound Japanese man) had 2 eating world records. Most hot dogs in I think a 5 minute period & most ever cow brians in a 5 minute period. How did he beat the 400 plus pound men who looked that they had lots of room. He had amazing technique.

Did anybody asle have that horrible watching a train wreck but can't look away kind of feeling & watch this show. My hubby thought it was hysterical!
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Oh my gosh, I watched that for about 5 minutes, and then switched to CSI. It was disgusting! Half way through the hard boiled egg competition I just couldn't take any more! (Plus, CSI is one of my favorite shows and I couldn't justify missing it for THAT!)
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I love CSI too - but it was a repeat & the hubby wanted the Glutten Bowl!
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Ah, well, see, my S/O usually has control of the t.v., so I missed a lot of the CSI episodes. I had no idea it was a rerun! (It kept me guessing right up to the end, too!) Believe me, if he would have been home, I would have had to watch the Glutton Bowl all the way through!
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I didn't watch it because I had to go to school...but my hubby said that he was going to watch it...not sure if he did though. It sounded pretty grose.
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I agree Ady, we watched this at the bar I work at last night, and even the die-hard pool players stopped in mid aim to watch the big screen! :LOL:

My theory about the little 130 lb Japanese guy is....he must be into some form of Zen like yoga or something similar, he looked like he was in a trance! He never looked up or around like the other guys, except to grab some water, and he was so focused on shoveling stuff into his mouth!

I can't believe he could hold all that! 31 hot dogs, and 53 RAW cow brains!!!

Oh, and don't forget them eating 7 sticks of butter, or the 2 or 3 foot long cow tongues! UGH
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I missed it, but it looked disgusting just from the commercials! Did anyone end up throwing up?
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I watched part of it....it was disgusting!! But yet fascinating in a odd sort of way... :LOL:
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sounds pretty gross but I would have watched it and probably been fascinated
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