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Is it ok to use pectin instead of gelatin in glop?
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No, pectin contains way too much sugar. Unflavored gelatin is available in most grocery stores near the Jello and prepackaged puddings.

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My store didn't have it so I already made a full batch with the pectin

Should I toss it?

The stuff I got is Ball fruit jell. No sugar needed pectin for making low or no sugar jams and jellies. it lists sugars as 1g per 1/4 tsp.
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T=You really need gelatin - the other has too much sugar for tiny kittens!
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I was worried about that when I got it. The stores kinda suck out here. It really was all they had. My roomies are out to the symphony tonight I've asked them to pick up the gelatin on the way back. So I'll be making more glop late tonight. It's kinda fun to make.

Till then he's still drinking the hartz kitten formula. He doesn't love it but he'll eat it. I'm tossing the first batch of glop. It's a lesson learned. Maybe I'll make jam with the rest of the pectin.

Thanks to you both for telling me before I gave it to him. I'd have been devastated if it made him sick.
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