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I MELTED my blinds!

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Oh my gosh! I melted the blinds in my bedroom! DH an I just got a new queen size bed on Monday. We had a full and he's so tall he hanging off it and it was old, etc. So I finally caved into getting a new one. Since we got one that's bigger we couldn't use my old bedframe so now it's just on the bottom leg frame with no headboard or anything and since there is no headbord the bed is pushed against the wall.

Well I have to sleep with 2 pillows and I sleep right in front of the window. (Our bedroom is tiny so its hard to avoid and still be able to walk!) My 2nd pillow gets pushed against the window and I moved it a while ago and noticed it was warm. Then I was going to make the bed so I straightend my curtains. Thats when I noticed that the blinds are flat against the window! Usually they have thoes curved edges...not anymore! I'm lucky they didn't melt right together! I just melted them flat! They are all flimsy and eveyrthing too! Good thing I don't like the color (dark bluish). I just can't believe I melted them like that!
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Wow!!, that would take alot of heat to melt those blinds...could be a fire hazard.
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I have 2 glass windows that I have to lift to open the window. They have gotten warm before, but never this warm!

Edit: Here are pics

Do you think I should take them down? I do have another shade on that window. (DH likes it dark when he has to work nights and sleep in the daytime.)
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I accidently melted my sister's vinyl blinds once. I was blow drying my hair and I was in doing it in front of her bathroom window. I look over to see out and noticed this big bow in the slats. Ooops!
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Oh my gosh.
Girl..I would get different blinds. Those sound dangerous.
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Getcha some Levolor blinds, Luv . Aluminum slats if that window gets THAT hot. They're really not that much more expensive in the long run (especially if you keep having to replace vinyl blinds.) Lowe's carries them I think, and will cut them to size. But aluminum will crease and bend if you (or your kitties ) are too rough on them.

Otherwise you might try a shade of some sort. A Roman shade would be nice, and I don't think you could hurt it when you smush against the window.
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Way to go!
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We have Hunter-Douglas Duette blinds that are roman shades, essentially, made out of a veru durable, dust-resistant, very light blocking fabric--seems pretty impossible to melt!!!
They're not really THAT expensive considering how long they last and they make them in like 8 million colors and styles.
Check out Hunter Douglas.com to find a store...some Home Depots have them, but not all.
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omg..I can't imagine the amount of heat it would take to do that to blinds. Sounds to me as if the blinds are dangerous, too. Take them down and get some new ones, or a shade.
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