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Women's hockey.

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Did anyone else watch the gold medal game last night between Canada & the USA? I can't believe that Canada won with the refereeing that was going on. We played close to 1/2 the game with a woman in the penalty box! I think that the reason that Canada won is because they were very upset by what the American team did prior to the game. The American team took a Canadian flag and put it on their locker room floor to walk on and they let the Canadians know about it. I mean hey - you don't do that to anyone's flag - no what what the competition.
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That's not right. It's the freaking olympics, not war....

Maybe it was that time of the month for the team....:tounge2:

at any rate - no excuse....
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No matter what happened before the game - I do want to mention that both teams played amazing hockey. It was one of the best played games I had seem for a while.
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IT WAS ALL WOMEN PLAYING!!!!!! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

chicks rule, men drool:tounge2:
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to say that the women play excellent hockey. I'm highly sick of NHL players who can barely skate beating each other over the head with a stick or deliberately trying to cripple the good players.

I do wish that both organizatons could decide on a common ice size and line setup tho...that's ridiculous.
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KF - I agree wholeheartedly! Especially about the NHL players - Olympics should be for amatuer athletes.
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I agree it - why did they start letting the pro's in? I'm sure it's intimidating to an amature and unfair to say the least....
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I think the pros are in for the same reason the NBA is in basketball in the summer olympics...money. The Olympics are now a business,pure and simple...pros draw a bigger gate,more advertizing money,more salary and lavish expense accounts for the "executives". Maybe next we'll get the WWF competing in Olympic Wrestling and Mike Tyson in boxing. Perhaps the winter biathletes can be equipped with automatic weapons and start shooting at each other instead of boring targets.
Heyyyyy...war as an Olympic Sport!!!!!

BTW..can someone tell me what's with the American hockey teams? In Nagano it was trashing hotel rooms,now they're desecrating the Canadian flag? It seems lately they're TRYING to make the USA look like a bunch of morons? Cripes,even the old Soviet Union didn't behave like that.
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