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Maybe part Bengal?

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A neighbor came over and looked at my two cats and asked if they were Bengals. My babies are strays and I dont know much about breeds so I was like.. I have no clue. She had said her friend has one and looks exactly like mine.
I still love my cats no matter what breed or anything of that nature but I am kind of curious.
I looked online and they look almost exactly like some of the Bengal cat pictures. My cats look like twins they both have stripped legs and arms that are black and brown with touches of gold/tan, and spoted bellies that are white and tan. They have the same markings on the head with the two lines coming out from their eyes, and a white mouth with gold around it. THey also stated on their website that their heads can be smaller or disportioned to their body. Which is the case. Some friends have poked a little and said they have small heads but I think they are beautiful. Anyways.. they do also have a knack for water.. they enjoy climbing, hanging out in the shower.
Is their anyway to tell? Like I said I don't really care what they are I will always love 'em but it would be kinda neat to know if they were part leopard!
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Can you post a picture? There are people on here with Bengals and they should have some idea.
Bengals are very beautiful and expensive cats!
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Would really need to see some pictures to tell you if it's a possibilty.
Sounds plausible though from your description.
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I've seen brown tabbies in American SH and Maine Coons that have more of a "golden" brown look to them. They call it a "warm" brown tabby as compared to the ones with more cold black color.

You probably have normal brown tabbies - not a "bengal" cat.
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