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short hair and pointy ears?

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I've seen a lot of long-haired cats that have that little bit of extra hair at the tip of their ears, making it look all pointy.

I don't think I've ever seen any short hair cats with it, aside from my little Kinah. Does anyone else have a short hair cat with pointy ears? I'd be curious to see them.
I love those large pointy ears

Here's what I mean:
(that's Kinah when she was a baby)
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Spyder has ear tufts too!!

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My RB kitty Isis had ear tufts. I always thought they made her look wild.
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I love ear tufts!!, they are so cute
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awww. they're both so cute!

thanks for posting!
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My Emma has ear tufts!

It's hard to see em, because they're black, but they're definitely there!
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what kind of cat is spyder?

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My Katie has ear tufts.  When her and Spencer were kittens, they were pretty much identical and I couldn't tell them apart. Then I discovered the ear tufts. That sure helped.  Abby has itsy bitsy ones, that can only be seen up close. Spencer doesn't have any.

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