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Pairing new kitten with 7 month old indoor cat

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We desperately need advice.

We live in a 1st floor town house flat with no garden and are so happy with our kitten Millie. We adore her, but are concerned that as we work full time and she is an indoor cat, that she may be lonely, although she is very active and gets plenty of attention when we are home. Our priority is her well being.

We are therefore considering the possibility of getting another kitten very soon, as we are aware that the longer she is on her own the harder it will be to introduce a new kitten. However, we are concerned by the possibility of introducing a new kitten and Millie rejecting/fighting with her or thinking she is being replaced. We would also like to know of any other possible problems of introducing a new kitten. It is not possible for them to be let outdoors in our current location.

All advice welcome, but because of her age we are worried that we haven't much time left to make this decision.
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How old is your current cat?

Ok yeah i just read your post 7months, i dont think that should be a problem to get another cat, coz your current cat is still a kitten its self, morealess.
The earlyer your get a new kitten the better.
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This may sound weird, but if you get a new kitten, and Millie isn't happy about it try this (I just went through this and my reasonin behind the tip wasn't to help the situation but amazingly it did): Give them both a bath, it sounds mean maybe but we just battled with fleas, and before applying the frontline, I gave them both soap and water baths to get rid of blood and flea poop.... My older cat, which had not been friendly to the kitten I've had less than a week, finally allowed her grooming instinct to kick in and began cleaning the kitten! It was amazing, not 5 min before I began baths, she wouldn't stop growling, now while they aren't best friends YET, She doesn't growl and hide from the baby... Just a thought here but maybe it's true "misery loves company" lol
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Cats that have been on their own for a long long time can also adapt to a new cat. I also got a second cat so mine would have some company, and it worked out fine. My first cat was about 6, and had been an only cat for his entire life. He took to the second cat just fine, never any problems. The only difference I can see is that he doesn't like snuggling with the other cat.

There are lots and lots of ideas on this site for introducing a new cat to your resident kitty.
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I also have indoor kitties and got a new kitten to keep my older kitten company. The humane society told me to preferable get a younger, not yet sexually mature kitten so my older (6 month old) wouldn't feel as threatened. I have 2 boys now and the older one growled and hissed for about 3-4 days, but now they get along great. If you do get a new kitten, be sure to isolate it for 2 weeks from the resident cat. I, unfortunately, didn't do this and the new kitten infected my resident cat with a uri. (It's been over a month and they're still not completely over it)
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Though I know that there are cats which never adjust to others, I have have been very fortunate with mine. When I got married, I introduced my 5 year old cat (who had only lived with me) to my husband's 3 year old cat. They were never buds but they worked out a truce (even though I rushed the intros a little to fast). After we lost my cat, we then got a kitten and it worked out fine with the now 10 year old husband's cat. In fact, she was getting a little chubby and the kitten has kept her active. Then hubby fell in love with our third girl at PetSmart who is 3. And everyone is getting along great. The two younger ones play allowing the older one some rest.

What was really interesting was the two original cats very rarely were vocal until they moved in together. Then they began to become quite talkative to us.

So I guess I don't see a fast rule about them. It takes patience with the introductions and a little bit of luck.
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