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National Feral Cat Day: October 16, 2005

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National Feral Cat Day: Sunday, October 16th
Highlights Humane, Effective Feral Cat Population Control
BETHESDA, MD, OCTOBER 14, 2005: In celebration of the Fifth Annual National Feral Cat Day (NFCD) on Sunday, October 16, feral cat advocates in approximately 85 communities throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, France, and Romania, will conduct events to draw support for and raise awareness of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the only effective method of reducing feral cat populations.

The theme of this year’s NFCD is Feral Cats … a part of the urban landscape. For more information about NFCD events in your community, please visit www.nationalferalcatday.org/database.html. From an all-day spay-a-thon for 200 feral cats in Pittsburgh, PA, to the inauguration of a TNR program in Pontiac, IL, feral cat advocates are marking NFCD with large-scale sterilization efforts. Other groups in Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, and points in between will be conducting food drives to help feral cat caregivers feed their cats throughout the winter months.

“TNR has not only prevented the birth of millions of feral kittens, but has also extended and improved the lives of countless cats,†says Becky Robinson, National Director of NCFD founding organization Alley Cat Allies (ACA).

Many communities will rally to raise money for TNR programs. In Venice, CA, TNR supporters will host a five-mile fundraising walk along the beach, while in Alexandria, OH, the Stray Cat Strut dinner dance event will locally raise awareness. In other communities, feral cat activists are showing Alley Cat Allies’ training videos about the effectiveness of TNR in reducing outdoor cats, and distributing information about TNR to local citizens and animal control officials.

On NFCD as well as throughout the year, Alley Cat Allies offers advice, educational factsheets, videos, and brochures to individuals, organizations, and municipalities that are working to humanely reduce outdoor cat populations.

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Here in KC our group is trapping a colony of about 50 in the city tonight and bringing them up to a Spay and Neuter clinic tomorrow that is being held on behalf of National Feral Cat Day. I can't make it, but I leant them my trap to help the cause.

This should be a national holiday IMO.
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Quote by Momofmany: "This should be a national holiday IMO."

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I wish they could come here and help me out on October 16.
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I will be volunteering tomorrow at the Alley Cat Allies clinic. Also...check the database of groups that have events tomorrow:


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