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Who here has the most cats?! - Page 2

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6 cats, 3 dogs and 1 bird
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I have three but one (my oldest) lives with my parents.

I have the other two cats along with two lovebirds and a 5 gal fishtank in a two-bedroom apartment.

I personally would like to own (if I could afford it and had the room)

4 cats (never more than 4)
1 dog
(at least 2 birds)
2 ferrets
1 snake
1 fishtank
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Right now two cat s ages 17 yrs and 20 months
one dog aka canine sapien
three small fish tanks...

I plan on adding another cat and dog .... bengal and german shepard

If I let the not so stray little kitty( dont fit as this cat is like 15 lanky lbs) has his way I will have three cats very soon
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That is very cool! So many people doing so much for the kitties! You should take a visit there!

Originally Posted by stampit3d
I know of a lady who could top any amount i`ve seen here.
She lives where my Mom lives...is very wealthy and LOVES cats!
I have not met her, but I`ve heard a lot about her form my step sister and have driven by her place.
I understand that she has a few of her own, personal "house kitties", but all the rest are in a big pole barn with a very large outdoor enclosure (So big that the huge old oak tree in the "yard" is not near enough to the barn that the cats can jump to the roof and get away)
I`m told that she has over 200 cats and that the numbers keep growing even tho she tries to find them homes.
Inside they each have their own area with bed, litter box, dishes etc.
She has a quarntee area for new ones till they have had all their vet visits etc...to make sure they are OK to be with other kitties.(She gets lots of "drop offs" from what Im told)
She has other people that she hires to help her with "kitty duties" , which i`m sure must be very time consuming with this many.
Her place looks really nice from the outside and I have every reason to believe that the inside is the same. (I`ve thought about getting her phone # and see if I can visit sometime when I`m up at my Mom`s) I`m told she works with more than 1 area vet to see that everybody gets shots and fixed etc.
She will adopt kitties out...I understand she even has "adoption papers" and if you do not meet her approval you do not get one of her cats! (GOOD FOR HER!)
I love cats...but would not want (nor could I afford) to care for so many....guess she just feels that this is her "life-calling"....and luckily she has the $ for it. I wish there were more people like her!
Just thought you guys might find this story intresting. We all hear about "the crazy cat lady" who hoards cats...but often they are not so cared for as this ladys cats are.
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Originally Posted by gia_c
my aunt had around 18 at one point. but im just wondering how many places smell with so many animals, (i read of people in very small places with like 8 cats, and i mean if they are all indoor animals) lol. if anyone has ever left their house for a week or a few days and came back and thought it didnt smell (animal or pee smell or anything else) then great for them! even my friend who has 1 kitten, every now and then there is the 'animal smell', which i dont mind, but i could only imagine anything over 5. we used to have many animals and since we've gotten new carpeting and repainted my mom wont allow any animals inside because of the smell, lol.
You have my condolences. No pets inside...not my style at all!

If you leave your house for a "week or a few days", someone is going to have to visit and care for the animals, or obviously it will get stinky. I have been in homes with very few cats, that smell awful, due to poor litterbox care and animals messing outside the litterbox, and not being cleaned up! However, I have honestly been in a room with 80 cats, and it had very little smell. It was not stinky. And I have been in many spotless homes with 1-2 pets.
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2 permanent cats, 2 lodgers and 2 fosters at the mo. At least one of the fosters will be long term (he is 12, overweight and has struvite crystals!!), I hope the other isn't here long term as she pees standing up, but if she is, then so be it. I would love more than 2 cats, but as I take on oldies, they cost me too much to afford more, and I would love a dog, but I work 9-5 so I don't think it is fair.
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I only have two living with me at the moment sob sob sob....

In WA you have to get a license if you want more than three cats - which I would get in a blink if Max would let me...lol!!

We actually have five between us, though - they just don't all live with us. They're the ones in my siggy.

I fully intend to have a Bengal and another shelter kitty before 12 months has passed, though...
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When I joined here I had 12, therefore the name. But since then 3 of my fosters (no more fosters) stayed after we battled parvo together and last week number 16 joined us. Stewie is brother to our cat Bryan who we had tried to teach his teenager owner responsible pet ownership. I was his step meowmy and helped the kid with shots, getting Stewie neutered and baby sat him. Last week the kid got a new puppy and he threw Stewie out the door. So Stewie came to my house. The young man says it is only temporary but I have a feeling the Stewie isn't leaving. Just so you know you can't tell there are 16 in the house. We had a visitor find 5!

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I only have one at the moment.
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