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Battered Pets

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I just want to remember Dark Star, Tigrito, and Skitter, who died of domestic violence.

In the United States, a woman is battered every 15 seconds. There are far more pets who go uncounted.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
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I am sorry for their violent death. Rest in peace little kitties. Play, have lots of fun and know that nobody can ever hurt you again.
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RIP sweet babies
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RIP Tigrito , Dark Star , and Skitter . Your deaths bring much-needed awareness to the ENORMOUS problem of domestic violence and it's littlest victims.

In 80% of the homes where there is domestic violence and pets are present, the animals are often abused. Often, the batterer will hurt them to show their partner what they could do to them. It is their way of lording fear over their heads. Far too many animals and humans pay the price for this horrible crime.
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Dark Star, Tigrito, and Skitter
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I had an abusive stepfather and he literally terrorized my mother and me by abusing our little dogs.

Your sweet kittens have escaped their torturer and are now peaceful and happy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
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Bless all their little hearts

And your right it's not just humans that have to suffer like this. Humans have a voice that can be heard, animals dont
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It angers me that people harm beautiful sweet innocent animals, and people too of course!!!!
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RIP, Dark Star, Tigrito, & Skitter, Heaven has a special place for you, alongside the little children whose fragile bodies could not take the abuse either.... I am so sorry that you had to be born to such a fate; I will pray for the courage to get involved whereever I can, so that others can be spared....
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