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Help - my cat wakes me up every AM!!!

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My Siamese cat wakes my husband and I up every morning between 2am and 4am. She's 5 yrs old and has done it before but it goes in phases. She'll either scratch the couch forever until we come out of the bedroom or she'll run and jump on the bed, run over our legs and then hide under the bed. Oh and sometimes she even does the 20 yard dash around our apartment. It's making us crazy! I've tried smacking her on the butt, spraying her with a water bottle, and even tried to reason with her - ha ha! She's an inside cat and I don't want to put her outside at night- but I'm getting ready to. Anyone have any ideas??!!
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Sounds like you have an active Meezer on your hands !

It's best never to punish a cat, defintely never to smack a cat - it will only make her more agitated.

You say that this thing come and goes. Have you discussed this with your vet? Such changes in energy levels could indicate a medical problem. Only after the vet gives her the all clear, you can try and handle this as a behavioral thing.

If this is so, try dedicating some time before bed time for an interactive play session. You want her to get rid of the extra energy before night time. Use toys like the "fish rod" toy and let her hunt for it ! After a 20-30 minutes session, feed her and let's hope she falls asleep.

Keep us posted!
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My cat wakes me up EVERY morning at 3:15. I have tried everything to get her to stop. I have tried everything from spanking to spraying her with water. When I put her outside of the bedroom, she sratches at the door FOR HOURS.. Need help
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Well, it all depends on what she is wanting from you. How long has it been going on? Are there any other strange behaviors?
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It's so difficult for me to be diplomatic at times...When it comes to behaviour, cats are are not difficult to train. They are reacting to a need. I've definately found that spanking, spraying a water bottle, tying to leash to a cat to make it stay in one place is definitely not condusive to a cats future's well being. It is the individual's patience and tolerance that needs to be worked on here...I mean, we are supposed to be smarter aren't we?If you have chose this animal to be a pet; there are responsibilities that come with it. I've often found myself pulling my hair out at times too, but what's worse, me feeling guilty about giving the cat up or choosing those types of punishments? Or....me working with the little girl/guy until we can get through the situation. From what I gather from both of these postings is that these cats are very active and would like a great big play fest and as a responsible pet owner, I'd have them checked by your vet. There are many different reasons cats do the things they do.....but then again....look at us! Usually, this type or any type of problamatic behaviour passes. It isn't always fun. Nothing's always fun. So, give it a chance....love your kitty and don't be so quick to turn on your temper or the hose when your kitty needs attention.
God Bless All of You & Your Kitty's
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