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Please Help

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Abner is 2.5 years old and he's deaf. Five months ago he started meowing by the front door. He does it off and on all night. He stops about 6 in the morning. His meows are very loud. He sounds similar to a crying baby. I've tried, squirting him, comforting him, ignoring him, putting him in the bathroom alone, getting a new kitting to keep him company. He still MEOWs nonstop. I'm soooo tired. Letting him go outside like he wants is not an option, and giving him away isn't either. Any advise? Please help...
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Buy a black light you can find one here:

Blacklight Shop

Shine it outside your door in the middle of night. I am betting you will find flourescent green cat pee from a cat visiting your home. Buy www.zero-odor.com and use that to clean the area down- also buy a large bottle of Feliway Spray (expensive but worth it) and treat the inside of the door, spraying the threshold inside and around the outside edges.

Good luck!
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Gosh, Hissy. What an educated opinion. I would never have thought of that, but I agree with you totally. It is certainly worth a try.
I do so enjoy reading things like this from people who have had so much experience with cats.
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I argree with buga, I need to keep that in mind myself!
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