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Nice to be back

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I hung out in another forum (not a cat site) for a bit, and found such mean women there!! I'm so glad to be back to my original site...and back with you sweet, loving ladies (and men).

Man, did I learn how harsh people can be...when you're just asking for advice about something!! Got to the point where I had to flat-out block the email address that informed me people were replying to my posts!! They were just sitting there making fun of me...made me cry. Just had to leave the site altogether because they got so mean.

Anyway...just wanted to send out a thanks to you guys for being so sweet and wonderful all the time. I've never once had that sort of experience here, and it just makes me so happy to be back.
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Welcome back!! This is a truly great site.... in fact, it should be called The ONLY Cat Site. (It's definitely the only one for me)!!!!
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How horrible for you! I'm glad you remembered where the *nice* crazy cat people come.

Anne really has done a wonderful job in setting up the rules here, and in having the manpower (or mod-power ) to enforce them. Simply put - we don't put up with that kind at attitude here. And I think that's a wonderful thing!
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I've been to a lot of forums where people can be down right nasty, your so right there's no need for that. Welcome Back!
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This is the ONLY great site!

Anne and Hissy run a tight ship and work hard to keep this site as wonderful as it is. We're glad to have you back.
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The mods do a great job here, as well as MA and Anne, but I also have to say, the members here are just really exceptional people! I have not met one person that I say you know I really just do not like them. I think this is just a great place to be and very friendly....... I mean even the crazy cat people have to have a place to hang out. It helps that we all have one thing in common~~~ we love our furbabies and spoil them rotten!
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I've seen sites like that! Glad you're back!
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Yikes!!! Pm me the name of that site so I can stay away.

Welcome back to TCS, it's good to have you back here with all of us nice cat people!!
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I agree. The folks here are nice and very helpful. Welcome back.
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