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Excessive mewing

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Hey gang,

Wonder if someone can give me any advice or an explanation please.
Minx has always been a vocal cat, and I love 'our chats' but just the past few weeks she has been mewing ever such alot, more so than usual.

This seems more so since my daughter moved out to college, but she never ever went to my daughter, she comes to me to be cuddled/petted and me only, she is definatly a mummies girl.
First I wondered if it was because she noticed My daughter wasn't there, or knew I was hurting badly because I missed her so much and picked up on how low I felt and wanted me to know I have her (does that sound silly?)

Then I wondered if it's because I have spoilt both cats, I raised them from 3 weeks and because of the awful conditions I got them from and because I bottle fed them, have been inclined to spoil them in the love stakes, but then that doesn't explain why it is more so all of a sudden.

She is eating normally, going to the toilet normally, playing with her brother ok,playing with me ok... then she'll come and mew, i'll cuddle/pet her for ages then she'll go off for a while come back and mew, you do the same thing, stop and she'll mew again, i'll feed her but she'll still mew at me, is it just her even more so vocal than before or is something wrong with her? It seems like nothing satisfies her anymore and she just keeps mewing at me, and I don't know what to do for her for the best if she isn't just 'talking'
thanks in advance.
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I think she's just looking for attention.
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It could simply be that there's been such a huge change to the household. Maybe she's voicing her wondering where your daughter went?

I can say, though, that my Hobbes will incessantly bug me to pet him when I'm upset (and not even to the point of crying), and cry until I do. So, could be either thing.

If it continues for over a month, I would call your vet, but for now, it sounds like she's voicing her opinion on the household changing (which no cat likes...even if it seemed like she didn't particularly notice her).
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Thanks, so it it ok to still give her the attention?..would break my heart not to if i'm honest, but I don't want it to the obsessive stage which wouldn't be fair when we're at work.
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Give her as much attention as you think is appropriate, and ignore her the rest of the time. If she's like my attention-hog Rocket, eventually she'll give up and go do something else, like take a nap.
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Is she part Siamese? Is she spayed? Those can be two big factors in it if she is Siamese and she is not spayed yet.
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She is spayed, both are...alot of people ask if they are both part Siamese, sometimes in some pictures they look as though they could be, but I'll be honest I wouldn't have a clue, and I didn't get time to ask the thing who I got them from, I just wanted to get them out that cesspit.
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How long is it since she had a check-up? I just ask because when my cat Juniper (RB) suddenly began mewing I ignored it, thinking he just wanted attention, and then after a few months when he went for an exam, the vet found he had cancer and was in pain. Don't want to alarm you but she might be trying to tell you something.
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When she was spayed I was told she was healthy, that was earlier in the year... Do you think it's wise to get her checked anyway then? She is full of beans and always playing, eating well and going to the toilet ok but I wouldn't want to take that as she is fine.
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I can only say that I will never forgive myself for ignoring Juniper. I do not know if anything could have been done for him, but I feel he had several months of suffering because of me.
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Give him some time to adjust to his new home. Is it possible for him to sleep with you at night or does he already?

He'll probably calm down in a couple days - just give him a little time and lots of love.
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When I took Rocket to the vet to get neutered Mica kept looking for him and mewing alot, even more than usual. She went back to normal the day after he came back. So maybe she is just missing your daughter or noticing the change in the house.
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