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Siamese kittens

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I have always been told that Siamese kittens need to stay with their mothers for twelve weeks. I know that it is difficult to judge their ultimate color until they are that age, but it is my understanding that they NEED mothering for that length of time. A friend recently took her Siamese kittens to the vet at seven weeks of age, and he told her it was time to find them homes. We want to do the right thing--mother or bond early with new owners. Which is right and why?
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The breeders I know say that the Siamese should actually stay with their mothers until they are 4 months old. Reason being that they are a small cat and need the extra care and love from thier mothers. Domestic cats should never even leave their mothers until they are 12 weeks old. They can become wool suckers, have a hard time using the litter box and they aren't as sure of themselves.
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My mom breeds Siamese and OSH and I breed Abys and OSH and we never let out kids go until they are 4 months of age. Sandie is right, they need the extra care from their mom. They are also more suspeciable to getting sick with well viruses in their new homes. Hope this helps. Also, purebreeds are more sensitive to sickness than the domestic.

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I got Tigger when she was 14 week old. We got Scooter & Gizmo when they were approx. 7 weeks old. I can tell you from my experience, that Gizmo & Scooter are a lot more affectionate and have a better tempermant than Tigger. Tigger, is a great, loving cat ..... don't get me wrong; but, it's on her terms only. I know a lot of people are going to say that the breeder shouldn't have released Scooter & Gizmo to me at such a young age, but I am really glad we had them at that age. We got a chance to raise them ..... They aren't wool suckers, just really affectionate cats who like to give kisses (well, headbutts :tounge2: ) and like to be with us.

Just my .2 worth ....
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I think that is just Tigger's personality and it does not matter at what age you got him. We got our Merlot (our Aby) at Seven months of age and our newest Aby Luna, is seven months and they are absolute loves. We also rescued a 7 week old domestic who is now four years old, had the same love and care as our other cats and hardly lets us come near her.

By law in CT kittens cannot be placed before eight weeks of age, but Helping Paws does not place their domestics until they are 11 or 12 weeks old. And my Aby kittens will never leave their mom before they are at least 12 weeks old. The vet who said they should leave their mom at 7 weeks old does not know the Siamese breed very well - unless the mother is too thin and having a problem caring for her kittens? In that case I would not place them before they were 12 weeks old, but I would let the mom be free during the day, away from the kittens and then have her be with them at night.

I hope you will not place your kittens at such a young age. Please go to www.catsinternational.org and ask your questions to the experts available on this site.
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No, Rene, I have never let my babies go until 12 -14 weeks. However, the more knowledge I have about the Siamese the better. Books don't tell you everything. Most people who come to see my kittens ask why they are so old. Many screened prospective buyers leave because they want a younger kitten, in spite of my quotes from experts. The general public thinks that 6 weeks is about right. By the way, my friend's mother kitty was caring for a very large litter, and had weaned them. Would there still be a need for mommy? Before 12 weeks I have seen excellent mother cats smack their babies when they were still trying to nurse. (Nevertheless, I will not let a kitten go before 12 weeks.)
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I got my Siamese kitty at about 11 weeks. She is now about 5 months and very well adjusted (well, wild and adjusted...) she is actually getting more affectionate by the day. She was the last to leave her litter. She was a little scared the first few days but now is brazen and thinks she owns the house!

I know the mom's can get very weak and sick if they nurse too long. You can see pictures of her at the behavior forum under Siamese wildcat.
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Not only is keeping kittens with their mother and litter mates until 4 months good for health it is also good for socialzation. Beleive it or not a kitten kept with its mother for 4 weeks is more social than a kitten who is adopted at 6 weeks. Here is an article I read on FBRL: http://breedlist.com/faq/young.html
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Thank you so much for the comprehensive article. This is exactly the kind of "ammunition" we need. I have printed the article so that I can show it to prospective buyers. Excellent!
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I see some of you are saying keep the kittens for 4 months which is about 17 weeks - and others say 12 weeks. Which is best? It seems like 12 weeks is plenty of time and people do like to get a young kitten - it is part of the fun of a new cat.
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I had a siamese about 7 years ago. I got her when she was about 9 weeks old and she did fine. We had no problems with her, and she never displayed any ill effects from being apart from her mother so young. And I agree with Tigger, we got to "raise" her and she became very affectionate with humans.
I am by far NO expert, this was just my experience w/ a Siamese.
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The people who come to you insisting they want a six week old kitten are the same ones who come banging on your door when the kitten becomes sick because her immune system could not handle being away from her mother and the stress and the first shot got to her. Or worse yet, kittens die easily between 6 and 10 weeks old - suddenly and sadly. Not only would I feel horrible if one of my kittens died but the people would be blaming you. It would never occur to them that a six week old baby should never have been taken from its mother.

I place at 12 weeks - depending on the mother and the kittens I might take the kittens away from mom around 10 weeks and make sure the kittens are eating, healthy and social. I never let my rescues, nor will I let my abys go before they have had two immunizations. If the rescue is 11 weeks and has had two shots I will let them go - but I keep my Abys until they can have their rabies at 12 weeks. 12 weeks is not old - they are babies.
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The only thing we did different with Gizmo & Scooter, is we kept them in a bedroom with the door closed while we slept, or were at work, or when we couldn't watch them ......

I think it turned out good for us...... I also respect the breeder's decision to keep the kittens til age 12 weeks, as well .......
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When I finish setting up my cattery and getting my cats I will not let my cats go until 16 weeks of age. That is not *old* and if someone comes to me wanting a 6 week old kitten they can kiss my rear, I want the best for my kittens and will give them the best. Owners will breach contract and not spay or neuter, it has happened many times, if I keep my kittens until 4 months I can spueter them myself to make sure my babies aren't out their making babies. If a cat of mine is not top show quality it will not be breed, that is that, and the only way I can be absolutly sure s/he does not have a litter is to speuter them before they leave. I also do not want to end up in court because a kitten I sold at 6 weeks isn't growing, hides out, or is constantly sick. You simply cannot set up an "A" cattery by selling/breeding "C" cats. Because I am into breeding for good reasons, the love of the breed, I will not have a "C" cattery.
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Depending on what breed you are planning on breeding, most of them don't mature until they are between 6-8 months. I don't allow my boys to be neutered before 7-8 months old and the girls until 6 months. I do check up on the cats and request a certificate from the vet. I also sell my cats with papers and the new owners don't get the papers until I get the certificate. I have a very strong contract and I have not been hurt yet because I keep very close ties on where my kids are. BTW, I breed abys and oriental shorthairs.

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