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Is God trying to tell me something?

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Last night after I talked to Alex (my ex) and we had agreed to be friends, I went to bed and had the most strangest dream. I dreamt that my sister's baby was in the emergency room and that my mom and I had to get a ride from a family friend to the hospital. Well on our way there two really good-looking teenaged boys had yanked our friend out of the driver's seat and shot him and hijacked the vehicle basically kidnapping my mom and I. My mom was in an all out panic whereas me.......I was asking one of the guys for their cellphone number!!!!! The entire time they were doing all this crazy stuff like speeding, running from the cops..etc. and the entire time I was flirting with them. When in reality..I would not be flirting with them...soo I'm just wondering do you think this is a sign of some sort? If it is..and if you think you know what God's trying to tell..please inform me..because..I'm just all confused..
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No, it was a nightmare, that´s all.
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Awww...Hun, don't worry. You're not a horrible person for a dream. I've had dreams about ex's since being married, and woken up to turn over and just HUG my husband. I've also had dreams about other things that were just shameful to actually admit I'd had dreams about. I know I'm not a horrible person, and I don't know why we have these sorts of dreams, but don't worry. It's not an indicator of anything, other than the fact that you had a dream. Something my mother told me when I was little, don't worry...nightmares/dreams RARELY come true, or have truth or real meaning to them.

As long as YOU know you're a great person, and have your priorities straight in your life, don't let your dream make you question yourself.

Take heart it didn't really happen, and you're awake now.
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Sure you're not getting sick? I always have screwy dreams when I'm coming down with something.
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