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The Glass House

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Has anyone seen this movie yet? I watched it on PPV last night .... good movie, except the ending was dumb.
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Yep I agree wholeheartedly with your review, the ending was dismal.
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All the endings to movies like that dumb, though?!?! I'd rather watch a comedy or a drama. I'm actually hooked on "television for Women".... tee hee.....

I watched the pledge w/Jack Nicholson and it was great up to the end, then it was a total letdown.

I loved the one... oh, I can't remember the name, but here's the catch line: "I see Dead People" Now THAT was a great movie.....
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that was the 6st sense with bruce willis.
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That's the one! Yes, very very good - didn't even know till the.... OOPS CAN'T GIVE IT AWAY:tounge2:
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That it is a movie based on the real life story of Jonathan Edwards of Crossing Over fame. Though whether that is true or not, I do not know.
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What's the new one that just came out with that GEORGE0US hot man Richard Geere about the spooky stuff happening to him and his wife - the something cronicles....
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The Mothman Prophecies ...... or atleast I think that is what it's called. DragonFly looks kind of good, too.
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I watched it on Pay per view the other night, I really didn't care for it to much. I thought the ending stunk, and so did the story line.
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Dragonfly looks very good. I also liked the one w/michelle pfifer (sp), damn I'm bad with movie titles.... when her husband killed his lover and she was haunted by it.... bla bla??? Anyone?

Also, Don't Say a Word was pretty good. And The Game was very good
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I think that film is called "What lies beneath" - I loved it too!! Im going to see "Don't say a word" some time this weekend.... hoping it will be good!! Also thought the "Mothman Prophecies" looks really cool - can't wait for that one!!
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will love that movie....I'll never tell... awesome movie
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lookes awesome - gotta see it...
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Ugh, "What Lies Beneath" was horrible. The storyline dragged on, and then the ending was stupid!
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Harts War, When We Were Soldiers, and the Panic Room are on my list at the moment
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