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If you want something done right...

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This is cute...

I have been bugging my boyfriend for days now that we have been running low on toilet paper. I intentionally didn't go to get anymore because it seems that it always falls on me to do that kind of stuff all the time.

So he did..and what does he buy but 1 ply toilet paper!!. What good is 1 ply?? "It was on sale" he says! the look on his face was priceless

Anyone else have any other "what were you thinking honey??" stories?
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DH went to Sam's Club and bought a can of baked beans. Everything there is BIG, and this was no difference. I mean, a huge jar of pickles is one thing, they can sit in the refridgerator for months while we eat them. But a huge jar of beans?!? Like I told him, that's not a meal, thats a commitment! Are you agreeing to eat beans 3-4 times this week?!?

(Maybe it would be one meal for that family with 16 kids being discussed in IMO!)

Do not give up on having him help with the shopping. Too often women give up and "do it all" because their guy messes up. Send him back for more toilet paper, girl! I know my dh still shops at Sam's, but he never bought beans again!
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Next time you send him to the store, tell him what kind to get. That will solve the problem with toilet paper, beans or whatever. Most men can do good, just draw them a picture.
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LOL at the toilet paper. One ply! LMAO! Poor guy, better not show him this thread!
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I remember hearing about one lady who made her shopping list for her husband by cutting out picturs. Not always a bad idea but I hope I never have to resort to that!

My DH is pretty good. I'm usually specific or if he's not sure he'll call and ask. Although he does usually end up with extra things I didn't ask him to get. One of the last times I was sick he got me litterally 6 bags of cough drops and thoes new candy tasting ones. As well as 2 bags of chex mix, excesive ammounts of juice, etc. He's so sweet!
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That is so sweet!!
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I find toilet paper is a hard one for men, perhaps because ... ahem... they just don't use it as much.

My bf is actually pretty good about shopping. Although he tends to spend FOREVER trying to find me what he thinks I want instead of just calling and asking, but I try not to give him too hard a time.
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Hi, I hope, I understood the story above right. In Germany we had a movie named "Papa ante portas", it is about a retired man (husband) and he starts to get his wife on the nerves. He "reorganizes" the household, for example, because it is cheaper, he orders a truck with toiletpaper, or a ton of copypaper an so on. It is a funny movie.
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Trav's actually really good at grocery shopping or just picking things up at the store although he lived alone in PA so I would THINK he could do it by himself!
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LOL!! Oh man, that's PRICELESS!! My husband would bring home sliced mushrooms from the deli and bacon & onion dip for dinner. This was when we first moved in together...and he's since learned you need more than that to really have dinner with...LOL!! Not only that, he used to have an upside-down laundry basket as a coffee table and a big moving box as a "table" to put his tv on!! LMAO!! Poor guy REALLY needed a woman in his life!!
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