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Daily doings for Thursday

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This morning, one of the more elusive ferals came into the house for the first time! His first act was to spray the heat register! Phewww! Woke me in a hurry and I had to spend some time doing some scrubbing. Pal showed up about a week ago, scruffy, tuffy looking tabby who looks like he has been rolled down a hill in a trash barrel. He has taken a shine to Dunkin though, because I have seen the two of them out in the yard together, and she was lying near the heater on her back. LOL So now, all the doors and windows are open and the smell of cooked well, you know what is dissapating. Is this a precursor to what is to come tonight? My dreaded Math final? I got him out of the house finally, using Dunkin as the go-between. At least he has been vetted and declared safe, but after what he did to impress his lady, I am hoping he just stays in the barns from now on!

Hope everyone has a happy day!
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Yesterday & today have so far been farly good days. I get to leave work early today as I have a doctor's appt. Hissy I am sure you will do great on the test - when I was in high school I had a teacher promise to pass me if I promised never to take math again. Now I deal with math everyday urgh! I hope that everyone has a great day. It is raining here again today - most of the snow has melted. I, of course forgot my umbrella. Oh well - what is a little dampness. i am wearing the new coat I bought last night & it has a hood. I get to cook dinner tonight when I get home. I haven't cooked in close to 4 months - should be fun.
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Well I'm off to the doctor's now - catch you tomorrow! Have a great day!
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Its pouring rain here today... We're supposed to get a thunder storm tonight..geez I hope not..I HATE those.

My daughter and I are going to a fun night at her shcool later this evening ..cake walks, games, etc. Should be lots of fun My mom is watching my son for me..hes a little too young to come with us and hes a bit active as well, so it would be hard for me to chase them both around

The best part of my day will be tonight after the kids are in bed..my best friend is coming over and we're having an 'American Pie- athon' We're watching both parts and having some snacks (probably some diet coke and popcorn- don't want to eat too much fat!) It'll be great to be able to ogle Sean William Scott with someone who appreciates him as much as I do
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Oh, Hissy! You poor thing, first the windstorm and now a zealous tomcat! I suppose this is a minor problem, but still!

Thurs. is Lauren's "school" day, so I spend the afternoon at the thrift store buying her jeans. Kinda blah, but sometimes it's like that.
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