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weird stuff on the bed

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hi! im new to the catsite and i've posted maybe 2 other times. but i have a general question-

my cat sleeps on my bed, and occasionally i notice these little kernley (kernals) looking things on the top of my bed. they are just a light beige color. and they only appear after my cat has been on anything, but i've only seen it on my bed..?? does anyone have a clue as to what im talking about..or maybe know? they are quite tiny...if anyone could help or let me know what the heck it is that would be wonderful! thanks!
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It sounds like your cat has tapeworms . Just get some medication from your vet, I don't recommend using the over the counter stuff.
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Yep -- those are tapeworms.
post #4 of 16 does a cat get them?
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omg..I got a chill just thinking about that! Tapeworms, or any kind of parasitic worm, just give me the willies! I hope you get kitty treated soon.
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Yah, sounds like tapeworm...very gross little creatures, your vet will be able to give you the necessary meds.

Good luck!
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Cats get tapeworms from fleas. You need to have your cat treated for fleas and worms
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Yup, kitty needs to see a vet!
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I'll add my yes. Pumpkin had them. The vet gave him meds and hes ok now. But come to think of it he's gotten fat since then. Tapeworms kind of steal thier food from inside them right?
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grooooooss!! o dear..well made an appointment for monday morning..gross...thanks!!!
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I just got kittens (stray) and they had ringworm and fleas. I didn't even realize they had fleas! They had big ol'tummies and they ate like it was going out of style. One even had gas!
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one more question. i realize someone wrote they recommend NOT using OTC medication. but i was just wondering if anyone has experience with a deworming pill from tradewinds???? i just want this problem to go away asap. even though i have an appointment monday..i just want to start getting rid of it :S...tradewinds anyone?? i still have my appt with the vet though. because im not sure yet.
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It needs to be a certin medication for tapeworms I think it's prazinqutel I have heard of tradwinds but don't know how good it is. Your best bet is the vet to be safe, I wouldn't give the cat anything then take it to the vet, the pills aren't that cheap anyway, your better off just taking the cat to the vet
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I cannot name any OTC brand of medication that I would trust on my animals. This comes after a terrible disaster in which I lost my sweet girl, Sunni, just this past June. In my opinion, learning the hard way is the worst way to learn. Keep your vet appointment and don't use the OTC meds.
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alrighty. thanks! yea the pills were 20 bucks and the shot was 20 bucks. so it wasnt like it was a huge cost trade off or anything, lol. but im just going to wait and monday he'll go get his shot and revolution!! ha..

and learning the hard way is awful! sorry about sunni!!
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Thanks for taking my advice to heart and waiting for the vet visit. It's a nasty thing, tapeworm, I know..I would want to get rid of them as fast as possible, too! Good luck!
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