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Meet the guys!

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I finally got my pics uploaded. here are my boys... Spike and Sparky!

Chillin on the kitty condo!

Spike. Lounging about!

Sparky... Checkin' out the pumpkin!

Best Friends!
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Great!!, thanks for sharing
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Pretty kitties!!!
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Awww, what a couple of cuties!!
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Heehee. Sparky looks like a ghost in that first picture, on my comp. But they're both utterly adorable.
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You have two handsome boys. Did they enjoy helping you with the pumpkin?
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Your boys are very handsome!!!
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What an adorable fur family!
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thanks for sharing - they sure are precious
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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they sure did enjoy helping with that pumpkin... they just had to check it out...

my babies are very curious...!
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Aaaww! Such precious babies!
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Beautiful babies!
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Welcome to TCS Sparky and Spike are such cuties! Glad you joined us.
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