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Wet noses?

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This may be a dumb question, but are cats noses usually wet, or dry? I have always had dogs growing up and their noses are always wet....

Just a question that I was curious about.....remember, I'm still a newbie!!
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Cold, and slightly wet, if its hot and dry, that indicates a fever.
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I have heard it varies cat to cat ... as long as it is not runny your okay..
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It's a valid question. I sometime wonder about their noses myself.
Sadie's is always damp & Dexter's is dry.
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Harley's is always dry, never wet, is that a problem?
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OK! I still don't know the answer since we've had several different responses. Good question. I'd like to know the correct answer myself.
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I've wondered that too. Noodles nose always feels wet and Mooch's feels dry. For a while I couldn't figure out if she had a runny nose or if it was just damp.
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Hmmmm.....I have noticed Harley's was wet once, but that was probly cuz he got into the fish bowl...

Otherwise I'm clueless, I hope that a dry nose is okay!!
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I do know that it should be cool to the touch. My vet said a hot nose is a sick one.
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Well I just annoyed my cats by feeling their noses. Both dry, but warm, not cool to the touch. Wiggies usually has a wet nose I suspect he has allergies.
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Boomers nose is never cold (but not hot either) or wet (unless he happens to just have finished drinking from the bathtub taps ) our vet said its fine as long as their noses are not dry to the extent that they have any cracks in their nose.
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