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Kiddie is strong as a horse!

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Hi everyone, I wrote earlier this week to ask advice about my orphan kitten (whose mom - my kitty - passed away Tuesday after giving birth). Well, I'm happy to report that Kiddie is 5 days old today and he's a joy! He's really strong and sweet and drinks well. He's already affectionate and his eyes are starting to open. I'm including a little pick of him during his favorite time: feeding time!!

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Oh I'm so glad! I didn't hear anything for a few days and I was worried. Please keep us updated on Kiddie's story. I know everybody here really cares a lot about cats, and you are doing a FANTASTIC job.
He's really cute.
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Thank you Kathylou!
He's a doll.... I miss him whe n I'm at work!!! hahahaha I'm hoping he'll be as good a cat as his mommy was. She was the best!! Crossing my fingers for good genes!

I have a question actually.... how many times a day... or every few days, should a kitten eliminate? He urinates almost at every bottle but he's only eliminated (otherwise) 3 or 4 times so far...
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I'm sooooo sorry to hear about Kiddie's mom. Sympathy hugs to you.

Congratulations on Kiddie though, he's a handsome little thing. I don't think my kits elimated much their first few days because they were absorbing so much from their mother's milk. Of course, she was cleaning up after them so I might not have noticed every time they went...... Hopefully someone else will know better.

Keep healthy, Dawn
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Oh that is Great news! I was wondering how he and you were doing.
What a cute little guy. Outstanding work on keeping him in there.
Enjoy the experience...they grow soooo fast.
thanks for the picture. keep em comin
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How is Kiddie doing?
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Hey Kathy!
Kiddie's good... Right now we're working on him keeping his eyes open. He's had them open since Day 5 (he's now at Day 9) but between feeding, they stuck shut so I have to use gaze-like material and warm watern to help him open them. There's no puss however so that's good. And he's been eliminating just fine. He's getting big, quick! He loves eating. He purs like crazy after a good meal!
Thank you for asking!!
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Ooooooh! What a sweet tiny tiger! (I can just imagine him wriggling!!!) Too cute to stand it!!! Can`t wait to see more pics of his growth....you are a great Mom!
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