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New kitten-old cat stereotypic behavior

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Hi, help...
I have an 11 year old neutered male cat, Peanut. He came to me feral. He's been indoor/outdoor all of his life. I recently moved to a condo and he's having to stay inside. I got a new kitten to keep him company while I'm not home. Now he is leaping off my 2nd story balcony to get away. I'm kenneling the kitten in the living room while I'm at work and sleeping. Peanut hangs out in the bedroom mostly. When I'm home he'll come out and sit but never relaxes. He is starting to pace and yowl. I don't want to let him out onto the condo grounds but I see no alternative. Even if I return the kitten I don't think I can keep him in. Any suggestions?
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I would first of all enclose your balcony either by fishermen's netting or with wire or screen to keep your cat safe.

Did you put them together right away?

You have rocked this cats world, first by moving, and second bringing in competition. Perhaps he wasn't as lonely as you projected him to be. Many feral cats are pariahs. They prefer seclusion, because of being in colonies. I don't know how old he was when you adopted him.

You need to make the introductions slow and easy.

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Thanks for writing. You are right, he may not have been as lonely as I thought. He was already insisting on going outdoors and I was hoping to distract him instead I made it worse. I'm not sure if I can even make him an indoor cat at all. He has been trained to come in at night, except for a couple of nights, but I've always lived in a house before. He has lived with other cats all his life but was never very friendly. He's eleven years old and pretty set in his ways. Do you think he'll adapt or should I just let him out and pray for the best.
As I said I'm kenneling the kitten when I'm not there. I have a spare bedroom. I could lock her in there instead. I was thinking the kennel would allow them to see each other until they are used to each other. I locked her in the spare bathroom for the first 3 days but Peanut seemed to forget about her until 'surprise' she was out while I was home. Do I have to visit her completely separate for a month or so?
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With feral cats, this is the best way I have found to deal with new introductions. It costs a little bit of money, and a tiny bit of time, buy you can make a fairly inexpensive door from chicken wire and pvc pipe to fit over your bedroom. It can hinge outside your door, and allow both cats to see, smell each other without hurting each other. Putting them behind solid doors slows down the introduction phase tremendously.

The latest ferals I just got about 2 weeks ago are now fully integrated into the house and they have lived in an abandoned campground for 7 months. It is because of this door that the introductions went so well-

You can PM me for instructions if you want-
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Thanks. I have a 7 foot patio door with a cat flap at the bottom. I think I'll try that - somehow - its only 15" wide. Are you talking about making a 32 - 36 inch, regular door width chicken wire gate?
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