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Dogs allowed in hotel, but kids aren't! - Page 2

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I think it's ok for the hotel to decide which type of clientele they prefer, but I can see why people would be mad about the dogs being allowed and not kids.

Most of the time it wouldn't matter to me whether children are allowed in the hotel or not, I don't normally spend a lot of time in my room when I go somewhere. Restaurants and movies are where unruly kids tend to get on my nerves. In my opinion the only thing more annoying than having a meal disrupted by the sound of crying and tantrums is watching the parents do nothing to remedy the situation.

As for pets cats or dogs being allowed, I would hope that the hotel could have certain rooms reserved for that purpose just as they have the smoking rooms so that people with allergies aren't harmed by the residual dander.
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I'm with the majority here as well! I have a 3 year old, and I can vouch for the fact that children are NOT condusive to relaxing. If I'm paying a bunch of money to stay in a nice hotel, I'd be thrilled to not have to deal with a bunch of ill mannered kids. And almost always, they are ill mannered. My kid is very well behaved (and I've had complete strangers come up and tell me this) but I wouldn't want to vacation with her in a place where I'd worry about her being a kid (she's well behaved, but kids ARE noisy when they play) disturbing people who paid a lot of money for a relaxing vacation. It wouldn't be much fun for her anyways. We'll stick to kid-friendly destinations while she's a kid, and enjoy the kid-free ones when/if we get away without her for a weekend, and after she's out of the house.

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Originally Posted by esrgirl
I would much rather stay at a resort that didn't allow kids. It's amazing the sheer amount of destruction kids cause in the restaurant I work at. Most parents allow their kids to behave horribly. It's tough carrying a tray full of hot soup when you have some kid pulling on your apron and stealing your pens! It's amazing how far a kid can fling their food and how much they can grind into a carpet. There are definately some really wonderful, well-behaved children, but most of the time the parents do not control them. I fully realize that kids will be kids- but some parents are pretty much nuts.

Dogs seem pretty clean for the most part, assuming they don't drag mud all over the place.

i have to agree, if i even want to go to a restaurant i check to make sure there's no noisy kids eating there, they can be annoying and are the last thing i want when i'm on vacation too, dogs are well behaved and a lot quiter, i don't have kids and i don't want them.
Some of my friends do and i think that's great and their kids are so cute but i just don't want any of my own which also means when i go on holiday or stay in a hotel i don't want to be disturbed by them either.

Resorts or hotel not allowing kids are not uncommon.

People go on holiday to relax and many people find it distracting with kids running around and shouting while playing even if they are well behaved or babies crying. The no children policy is sometimes part of the attraction of the place.

In parts of the US, there are places that does not allow young adults during certain times of the year so as to stop spring break college students from going to their hotel/resort.
Well said

dogs generally don't drag mud everywhere lol, well, no more than a husband does after working in the yard


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