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Random litter use

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Hello, I have Lazaro, a 14 years old male cat. I recently relocated two other cats about 3 months ago. Now, Lazaro only uses the litter box when he feels like it. There's really no pattern. I clean it everyday and he only uses it on occasion. The purpose of getting rid of the other two cats was because they were urinating in the house. Now that they're gone, Lazaro is following their old ways.

I need suggestions
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Inappropriate urination is almost always due to a urinary tract infection or blockage. Please take Lazaro to the vet ASAP so he can be tested for this. Make sure you tell the vet what is going on so that the vet will do a urinalysis (a typical vet check will not detect urinary tract problems). If the urinalysis comes back clean, let us know and we will give you suggestions on how to modify his behavior. BUT, you must take him to the vet first.

Just to let you know, almost every single person we tell to take the cat to the vet for inappropriate urination will argue with us that they know the cat is healthy and that the cat is doing this on purpose. In almost every single case, once we finally convince them to go to the vet (and sometimes we simply can't get them to listen...sigh!) the vet finds signs of infection or crystals in the urine which are causing the problem. So, please do take your cat to the vet right away.

Let us know what the vet finds.
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And the other thing is that since the other cats were urinating in the house, there's most likely still some urine scent here and there. You may not see it or smell it, but he can. And it's a signal to him that it's OK to go there. I suggest you get yourself a urine-detecting black light kit to hunt down all the urine spots that might be in your house, and clean each and every one with an enzyme urine cleaner.
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