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Does anyone know?

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Yesterday, I came home and smelled something weird in the kitchen and in the laundry room....this morning I opened the wash machine to start washing some clothes and there it was....Zack let a plastic bottle of WD 40 on top of the wash machine and it apparently leaked in there. I noticed this especially since I started washing the clothes again this morning, the water was really murky and wouldn't have anything to do with the soap...meaning it wouldn't get soapy....ok I don't know what to do. I know not to put the clothes in the dryer because it will catch on fire. But, how many times do I need to wash what I have in there so I can dry them and how do I get all the chemicals out of there?!
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Maybe you can try running the washing machine empty a few times until the water looks clear?

then wash your clothes with a lot of soap (maybe more than once)
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Oh, boy, that's a poser . WD-40 is nothing more than silicone. You may have noticed that there are now oven mitts, baking pans, spatulas and high temperature cooking tools that are also made of --- silicone. It will take quite a bit of heat. Ordinarily the only thing that would cut it would be ANOTHER flammable substance, and obviously you don't want that.

Maybe, hmm, try putting a tiny bit of Dawn dishwashing detergent in the washer (you don't want to have a "Lucy Episode" with suds all over the place!) along with your regular detergent and try running that several times in a hot water wash to help the detergent work better. That's probably about the best you'll be able to do.
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I've washed the clothes twice already. I guess I need to do it in hot water instead of cold....my father-in-law told me to just keep washing them over and over again until the smell goes away. The second time I washed them it was a little more soapy than the first load....I think I may have to throw away what was in there (a couple of towels and bath mat) and throw some old t-shirts in there to soak up the rest and keep washing it through. He told me that it shouldn't take 10 washes...so there is hope. Blah...told Zack W-40 is no longer coming into this house! Not something I wanted to deal with this morning, you know what I mean...I even forgot to pay the bills...oops...
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Know what? I'll ask my husband (a handyman & electrician) and see what he says. I'll let ya know...
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I would pour in some clear ammonia. That would help to cut the smell of the WD 40.
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