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Our Big Scare

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Hey everybody. I just wanted to share our big scare with Orion.

We had a vet appt Monday cuz the little guy (he's approx 7 mos...rescued feral) got stepped on and was lookin pretty sad.

As we came in from warming up the car for him, he came runnin up to uswith his little white face all yellow. We went and checked things out to see what he got into.

Lo and behold, the defied the countless sprayings of bitter apple, and ate all the pollen out of a Stargazer Lily in a V-day flower arrangement.

Here's the part that makes me feel like the worst kitty mommy ever. I had no idea that lilies were so very toxic to cats. =( I even stopped to take a couple of pics of him, cuz he looked so silly with all that pollen on his face. We are so lucky that we were headed right to the vet anyway, because if I wouldn't have taken the morning off and he had done that when no one was around, it very well may have been to late to do anything, since by the time the symptoms appear, they are in renal failure, and there's not much we can do about it.

When the vet told us that, I was devastated. She kept him for 5 hours, trying to make him puke. Hydrgen peroxide didn't work, so he got ipecac. There were no petals or leaves in the vomit (but we knew all he ate was the inside pollen things anyways), so he got to come home.

When we tried to feed him that night, he rapidly declined. He wouldn't eat, and threw up once, but there was nothing in his poor little belly, so it was just that foamy stuff.

Anyways, my poor thing spent that night so lethargic, and drooling, and smelling bad, and generally looking awful. We were terrified that somehow he had managed to digest the flower, and was getting ill.

The vet said though, that ipecac is rough on kitties, and stays with them for a while. The whole ordeal was Monday afternoon, and he has perked up a lot, isn't drooling, and even got 'the rips' today. =) He still isn't 100%, but at least he's pulled though.

I just wanted everyone to know just in case they didn't know how super toxic lilies are, with Easter coming up and all. Please make sure the babies don;t eat any, so they don't have to go through what Orion did, and thier mommys and daddies don't have to think they are the worst mommies and daddies ever.

Warm Fuzzies and Purrs,
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and you as well. But if you didn't know, then you know now and your animals will be better for your knowledge. I am glad he pulled through it. There are many toxic plants for cats, here is a small list of the more familiar ones:

Indoor Plants
Plant Effects/Symptoms of Poisoning
Cactus Punctures skin, infection can occur
Caladium Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pawing at mouth, shaking head, difficulty breathing
Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) Same as above (affects central nervous system)
Philodendron Same as above
Ivy Vomiting, diarrhea, excitable behavior
Mistletoe Ingesting berries can cause vomiting, diarrhea, blistering in the mouth, difficulty breathing
Poinsettia Same as above
Easter Lily Acute Renal (kidney) failure
Azalea Incoordination, trembling, collapse
Cactus Punctures skin, infection can occur
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I'm sorry your kitty had to go through so much. At least he's getting better and he is ok. Don't feel bad...once my kitty ate some chocolate and I was so scared that he was going to die...I felt horrible! But, I called the emergency vet and they said that she was going to be fine. Needless to say, I am very careful now.
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Thanks Hiss - I have every plant but two or three in my yard!!! Although, I've lived there 7 years and Jake and Romeo never really took interest in eating anything but cat nip and grass, thank goodness! Oh, and mice, and birds, and chippies, and ......:tounge2:

Jinxy is an indoor cat and all I'm good at as far as houseplants goes is killing them! :tounge2: So no houseplants!
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Orions Mommy
I started feeling very concerned for Orion while I was reading your post, and I was SO GLAD when I found out at the end that he has managed to pull through!
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Give the poor little guy extra get well sugars for me. And I can just see his sweet face, all full of pollen!
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Hey all, thanks for all the concern. Orion promptly woke me up this morning with one of his impatient nips to my nose, so I would say all is well, and he's 100%. =)

Thanks Hissy for posting the other plants that are toxic. We don't normally keep any plants in our house for that reason, since the little guy gets into practically everything. It just happened that I sent my hubby a flower arrangement (that came with Krispy Kreme donuts!) for V-day. Last time I try to be romantic, right? heh. =)

Anyways, Orions good, his mommy feels relieved, and he's getting even more spoiled than usual.

HUgs, and cudddles,
Spring and Orion
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Hissy- Thank you for posting about the houseplants. I was wondering if you know of a website that lists any and all houseplants that are toxic. I had a poinsetta and Rascal didn't bother to eat it. He just knocked it down and its now dirt. I wanted to get a couple of ferns(I love the plants).
As of now, I don't have any plants because of Rascal and because I live in the basement of a house were the sun dosen't come in.
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