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Isn't this wonderful?

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I live in a suburb in Perth called Mount Hawthorn, which is part of the shire The Town of Vincent.

I just found out that anyone who lives within the Town of Vincent shire qualifies to have their cat or dog spayed for a significantly reduced cost at some of the local vets, in order to encourage people to spay their pets.

Ruby is getting her spay next week for $55 instead of $220.

I was so impressed when I heard this - it is how all responsible councils should be. I have sent them a letter of congratulations telling them how great I think it is.

Good on them!!
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That is fantastic,

i wish more councels would do that, spay and neutering can be soooo expensive!
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Especially for dogs.

My sister-in-law, who is a vet, told me that bitch spays are the most difficult and complex routine operation a vet performs. That is why they are generally so expensive, although most vets will heavily discount the procedure to encourage people to spay.

$55 is less than it cost me for the cats at the local shelter!
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i have to get nassa spayed next week, i knew it was going to be expensive lol but it has to be done, we had an appointment to get it done three weeks ago but she came into heat and apparently they can't do it when that's happeing.

i just hope it all goes okay, i'm a bit worried about it lol
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At first I was "$220": ::censor::censor::censor:: , then I realised you're talking about Australian dollars! In that case that's really cheap. Last spaying I've paid for cost about 70€ (~110 AUD), which is pretty cheap here. Congrats!
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