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Caught a Feral

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Where to begin my lovely story.

About 4 months or so ago, this white/grey kind of a sealpoint started chasing our chickens. She had a kitten with her, but it kept running into a wood pile we have and I couldn't catch it. At this time I did not have a trap handy. So I let it by, well this cat has been stalking the chickens and squirrels [[I do squirrel rescue]] everyday, my dog chases her out of the yard, she comes back, I squirt her with a squirt gun, she comes back. Most of the cats have learned that they need to go away, but she wasn't getting the hint. So I borrowed the cat trap from my sister and caught her yesterday.

Originally i wanted to take her to county and leave it at that, but upon close inspection, she turned out to be a gorgeous cat... and I couldn't bare to have her destroyed because I suck at these things

She has the most amazing blue eyes... and anyways, I took her in today. She tested negative for FIV/FELV, no chip, so we spayed her and tipped her ear. She's in a big dog carrier now so I can give her food and water while she recovers. Is there anyway to kind of familiarize her to our house? If I can I'd love to feed her and have her come by, instead of stalking the chickens just having some free food. How long should I keep her?

If it's kind of impossible [[she's quite aloof]] there is someone locally who said she'd take her. This person says she has expirience making feral cats friendly, my biggest concern is that this is the one cat who doesn't "become friendly" and gets tossed out because she's impossible. Because not every cat can be tamed... they are individuals and could give a crap whether or not they sit in our laps or get to live in the house.

So what's my next step?

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First of all, thank you for choosing to save this girl...I'm so glad you "suck at these things" Also, thank you for having her spayed.

From the sounds of her, she sounds like a siamese/mix, or something like that. It's possible that at some point she was someone's pet. You said you knew someone with experience in socializing feral cats? If this person is reputable, I say give them a chance. You can always make the deal that if this person is unable to socialize her, that she be returned to you, and she can live on your property (you can even build her a shelter to help her deal with the elements, and hopefully regular food provided by you will keep her away from your chickens). You'd be surprised what patience can do in turning around these guys, though. Many, many people here have a great deal of experience socializing cats, and are quite successful at it.

I say give her a chance at life as a housecat!
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Yay for you!! Sounds like the only thing you suck at is being an inconsiderate nasty person! You sound like you're brilliant at saving helpless animals.

It would be really great for this kitty to have a chance at a loving life as someone's companion. She was obviously very persistent in getting into your heart in the first place, she must need love and attention. Thank you for saving her.
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Thanks for the info you guys!

The gal who has worked with ferals before is probably going to pick her up today. Upon further thinking... I really don't want her here stalking my chickens. And if someone could make her a little less weary of humans, to the piont maybe that she could live somewhere as an indoor/outdoor or a quiet indoor, I would be very happy. I think it would be even great if she could have a farm or barn to even hang out in [[although the barns around here don't really treat barn catd well]] just because she could hunt and stalk things.
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Maybe now that you know a "catlady", you can call her about the cats that show up by you. Best of luck with your puppies and squirrels!
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what did you decide to do with this girl?
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Hoping this lady can socialize her and that she will live happily ever after as an inside cat! Thanks for rescuing heer and having her spade and checked out by the vet!
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