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I Have An Announcement

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Now that I'm back from the cat show and getting over my jet lag, I would like to announce that Ken (Sandie's husband) became a Speciality Judge for AACE this weekend. I had the honor of being his clerk on Sunday (his first judging assignment that he didn't know about it) and had a blast with him. It was sorta pay back time for me because every time he clerks for me, I bust his horns. This weekend, although he was nervous but still did a wonderful job, he got me back and actually was able to shut me up (which many people usually can't, including my husband). We did have fun initiating him and had lots of laughs. Congrats Ken on a job well done and I'm looking forward to working with you again (like March).

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Congratulations, Ken! Way to go!
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Here come de Judge,here come de Judge!!!:LOL: :LOL: (60's song..don't remember the rest ..sorry!! )

Congratulations Ken...beware of the Russian Blues.
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Yea Ken!

Sandie - I hope this doesn't mean he's extra bossy around the house now! (just joking) That is fantastic - it must have taken alot of work to get to this point.
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KF, was that a song? I thought it was part of a Flip Wilson sketch. "The devil made me do it"
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Congratulations Ken!!!

If ever anyone deserved an honor like this one, its you You and Sandie are both incredible people :rainbow:
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Hey Wayne, Russian Blues are my absolute favorite. My Toonces is a Russian Mix but the vet swears she has their attitude. (I actually thought she was purebred for the longest time until I noticed she had grey paw pads instead of pink).

Congrats Ken!
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Congratulations, Ken
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A total surprise to me, as I thought that I would have to wait until March to do my first assignment. Thats why I haven't been around much lately, I had to make sure my entry clerk stuff was as perfdect as it could be as it was one of my requirements. Frannie was a great clerk, she's a great judge also, I just hope that I can be half as good as all the other judges I have had the privalege (sic) to work with. I have to say that by far, household pets are the hardest to judge, as the there is no clear standard other than health cleaniness and freindliness. At least with the pedigree cats there very defined standards to the breed (actually) when you get really good cats togetherit's still difficult... anyway, thanks ya'll...

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Sandie shared them with me. You are looking good Ken, and I could see you were quite involved with your new duties!
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