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Looking for a lost pal

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I am trying to find my old friend,she is a cat lover(actually gave me my first cat) We have been out of touch for over 20yrs. and that is my fault. If anyone knows her please contact me. She is, I am sure, computer savy, and so I am inquiring at a lot of sites looking for her. Her name(s) is Joann Saunders/Erdmann/Saunders/Wright. We were roommates in Wash. D.C. from 1971 thru 1975. She married (the last time I knew of) a gentleman named Stephen Wright. He was a fireman and peramedic in Maryland. I just want to talk to her again and find out how her children,etc. are. Thanks for indulging me. My e-mail is Saucy-Kat@webtv.net
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Good luck!

Feel free to stick around!
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I don't want you to think I am just using the cat site to hunt for an old girl friend; au contraire' I am a true cat lover. I don't say I have cats, but rather, 8 cats have chosen to stay with me at the present time, and have agreed to let me provide for all their needs and spoil and pamper them, and they, in turn, will decide from day to day rather to tolerate my presence in their domain. . . . Their names and ages: Muddy Rivers 14yrs, Handsome Boyo 11 yrs. Smokey Josephinea (thinks she is a ballerina) 9yrs., Squeaker (her twin) 9yrs., Bookey 5yrs., MoMo (that Monster Boy) 3yrs. These live in the house or on the screened in porch. Then there are Morning Glory 8yrs., and Cindy,Cindy 8yrs. two now spayed femaes that hav shown up at my house every morning for food and several times pregnant. Occasionally they bring a friend who just needs a meal and a drink. The kids in the hood know me as a cat lady and I am always consulted for care questions or by those looking for a new kitten to adopt. My love for cats started over 30 yrs. ago and I have had some pretty amazing felines in that time, but those stories are for later if anyone is interested. Also don't forget to ask me about the homemade "catnip meeces" I like to give away every year in memory of a special Tom, Mr. Beaujangles. Let me know if you want to be on his holiday list for"Good Little Kittens" (US cats only, please)
I must go for now. Those of you wondering, the "Threelegg edkat"term refers to the fact that I walk with a cane in my old age. . . .nothing more, nothing kinky.
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Welcome. I hope you find your friend. I would love to hear your cat stories.
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Dear Threeleggedkat,
A catlady after my own heart! Well, I'm so happy that you found this site and I do hope that you find your friend soon. I'm sure we'd all love to hear all of your stories; so whenever you feel like sharing...I'm all ears. As I was reading your post, you made me laugh so hard! I love the names of your cats and you're heart is so big! May God Bless You & Yours Always! Stay Cool
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Welcome threeleggedkat! And I hope you do find your friend!!!
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Welcome, threeleggedcat! I do hope you find your friend! Have you tried looking for her on the net by looking in the phone books on-line or classmates.com ? Classmates.com is a good way.... its a site for High School Alumni and I also believe college alumni.
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I want to thank everyone who has replied to me and made me feel welcome so early on. Tigger, I have tried to find Joann thru the search sites and the white/yellow pages, but the last name of Wright is so common that the responses are numerous and I'm not sure which city in Maryland she lives in (if she is even still in the D.C. area). Strange as it may seem, I don't really know where she went to High School, only that she was from Lebanon, PA. I don't think she attended any college (not that she wasn't one of the most intelligent people I have ever known). She is petite, not even 5ft. tall an everyone called her Elf. We were very unlikely roommates because, you see, I am 6ft. 4ins. and (at that time barely 150lbs.) I have settled and spread a little over the years. . . . . . Anyway Thanks to all and I'll try to come back later tonite with the story of T. Hatch the cat who flu (that's right flu not flew.)
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