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My cats have been on flea treatment (frontline and recently switched to revolution) ever since I got them. But I still notice them scratching themselves. I know flea treatments aren't 100% effective but I think they might just be scratching normal itches. But, now I'm starting to get itchy. I don't have any flea bites, but I'm feeling itchy all the time. I don't see any fleas anywhere and am starting to think it might all be in my mind. In a completely unrelated topic, I'm thinking of getting my cats one of those cat jungle gyms. They have a million toys, but get sick of them after like 2 days. I don't want to spend $150 on a jungle gym and have them ignore it after 2 days. Any ideas?
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Cats do scratch themselves now and then. This is cats doing.
I saw it first time in a polish cat-book.
And they meaned healthy well-cared off family cats.

I was great relieved as our own do scratch themselves sometimes...

Yes, I think your suspicion may be correct: your own ichings are purely psychological.

(if somebody yawns, almost all start to yawn, and so on)
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