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Cat Appreciation

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I think that while we are appreciating, I would like to mention my favorite meow! CAT She has become a great friend to not only me, but many others. She brought us such great threads as the MJ thread and the Xmas pix thread!! She helps many people with pictures and avatars, and darnit, I think she is a great gal! Three cheers, 2 beers for my favorite TCS member....CAT
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Cat has surely outdone herself in her support of Max. She is also one of the most emotionally honest people I've ever met, she never pulls punches and you know exactly how she feels about things.

Uh, Jocelyn, you forgot the beers

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Silly me...always forgetting something! I'll bring the rest of the CAT party supplies!
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MY FAVORITE CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY, LETS HAVE A PARTY AT CATS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hahahahahahaha- too funny COLONEL!
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Hey Hey me too me too!! Three cheers (make that From the warm welcome she gave me when I first joined, to all the fancy internet tips!

Cheers Cat
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Catarina is the best. She has become a very close friend to me in the past few months, I love our chats on the phone and she was really there for me when I lost my little Simon. She is an honest and loveable gal, who would do anything for her friends.

So Cat, this one is for you!
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YEY CAT!!!! You FREAK!!!! hahahaha Love ya!
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Cat - you are a wonderful person with a gentle soul. I just wanted to say thanks for your welcome & for the bus ride.
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Just want to add, Catarina, I think you add so much to this site, and you are a very sweet, caring wonderful person...I am glad I have met you, and that we are friends.
Thanks for being my adopted big "sis"

Luv ya!
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ahhh Catarina...what can ya say about that girl?

Her name suits her purrrfectly, she really is like a cat!

Warm and fuzzy and devoted, gentle and loving...but mess with her and Grrrrrrr....you're getting a swat!

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kibbie kibbie samich..... you are the best..... WEEEEEEEE:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Cat is her own woman...steps aside for nobody's shadow. If I had a daughter,here's one lady I would hope she turns out like. You go girl!!!!
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Hey Cat, how bout them squishy kitty ears!
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I too, want to comment on Cat. She is a wonderful friend to both human and cats and she's a great fighter. I wish I was a strong as
her. Let's have a toast to her!
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Hip hip hooray! We all loves you Cat! Thanks for such a warm welcome when I joined and helping me out and all your funny emails!
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Cat, Cat....where are ya? Come out, come out where ever you are!!

Have you seen this thread?

Whats the matter, sis...CAT got yer tounge? :LOL:

Come on Auntie Cat...say something here to all your adoring fans!
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I'll add my cheers, too. The day I jointed I had a nice PM from Cat, and of course her Crusade for Max cannot be overlooked!
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OMG!!!! Thank you, soooo much! HAHAHA!!! You guys...I didn't even see this!!! hahaha!!! This issss soooooo sweet....I have goosebumps...haha! Kittybumps too!

Love, Love, Love to you all!!!! Muuuuuaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!

I'm elated....and my very warmest thoughts are overwhelmingly returned to all of you!! You've made my YEAR!!! hahaha! Now..just come on over to ....hahahaha!!! You know...teehee!

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