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Cat nap time

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Do I see a tail wiggle?

I knew I did got it!

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aww to cute!
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
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Awwwwww look at them!!, their so sweet
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Awwww, so gorgeous!
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What beautiful kitties! The one looks like she/he has an extra dark "saddle" on it`s back....sooooo pretty!!! They sure do look like "Best Buds".....are they related...or just friends?
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There not related.The one grabbing the tail is my new Tortie Siamese Lily shes going on 5 months old now.She pesters the two older Siamese to play and play. Normal kitty behavior.
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They all look so peacefull! How sweet they all are
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All it takes is a wiggle.
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Awww! hey are gorgeous! I love Siamese kitties, always have. =)
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Nice pictures!
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Cats can look soooooo comfy! Love the little tortie point.

I thought of a great name for a Siamese the other day, surely someone else has thought of it before, but if I ever got a Siamese I'd have to name it --- wait for it ---


Muahahahahaha!!! Oooooo, I'm so funny ...
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