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Buddy is Sick!!!

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My kitten Buddy is sick again. I have taken him to the vet 2 times in the last month. The first time I took him, I was told URI, the second time I was told gingivitis and given clavamox. He got better, but now he is sick again. He is not too bad, he still plays a little and eats, but he is extra sleepy, and he has a very warm and dry nose. I am going to get him into a vet ASAP. My problem is that my husband was recently laid off, I have 2 kids and am getting temporary assistance (food stamp etc.) I have already spent over $200 with the vet, and he is unwilling to help me at all, even with payment arrangements. I have called every financial assistance group I can find. And I have called every vet in my area, and no-one is will to help me. I am not expecting a freebe or handout, just a payment plan or some type of assistance until we are back on our feet. I even called all the AAHA vets and asked them about them doing the paperwork for the grant that the AAHA give, and they said they don't do that, one vet even told me that they don't do it "because they simply don't have the time". I couldn't believe it. I have been soo upset and don't know how all these vets can turn me away. They all want their payment up front. Different vets have told me that blood work would need to be done, and depending on the problem would cost me between $150-$300+. These so called vets go into practice to help animals but don't. I even called my local animal shelter to ask if they had any programs, no luck. I am hoping that one of these assistance programs will call me, but no response to messages or any e-mails. I am going to ask my sister to wire me money to take Buddy to the vet, but she lives in England, so I have to wait until tomorrow for her to get to a western union, and it could take a few days since she works a weird shift schedule, and the time difference etc. I have no credit cards nothing. If you have any other options or advice that might help me get Buddy to a vet sooner I would appreciate it. I am so attacted to Buddy, and so are my 2 daughters. He is like my 3rd baby , my baby boy, and I want to do everything for him, and I will get him to a vet ASAP, but none of the vets will see or treat him unless I pay at the time of visit, which is not possible for me until, I either get help, or my pay next week. I can't even get a cash advance since I don't have a bank account. This sucks. Sorry this is soooo long, I promise I will get him to a vet, but any advice would be great!!! I just pray that is nothing serious!!
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I'm so sorry....I wish I knew how to help. (((((Hugs for you and poor little Buddy))))
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Does any vet in your area take post marked checks? So they could cash a check as you get paid? This is a really crappy situation, it is really a bummer no one will help you out.

Do you think it's another infection? Could a vet maybe give you another clavamox prescription? You might talk to the local rescues and see what vets they work through. You could maybe find someone willing to work with you?

I hope you can find a nice vet soon, I'm really sorry about this, I know how it is being short on the cash. The vets in your area are probably just worried about being screwed out of their money. We've had it happen at our clinic a few times, but it's still poopy they won't help you.
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Your cat sounds like it has the same thing my cat does. He's got something called Calichi virus. He'll allways have it and it appears when his immune sysyem is weak. It causes his gums to be sore, which stops him eating and he has very little energy.
I've found that giving him and initial dose of 1000mg of Lysine a day in his food for 5days and then a maintenence dose of 500mg per day. The Lysine helps to boost his immune system and fight off many diseases. Lysine is available in most health food stores.
In the long run it may be worth trying this as it has saved us many trips to the vet.
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I have no advice, but I do hope your cat will get better. Prayers for you little Buddy.
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Well , My vet finally agreed to take a check from me dated for next week. It just makes me soooo mad that vets are not willing to help in any situation when it comes to their pocket book. I feel that the welfare of the animal should come first. I looked into every possible grant and assistance, and all of them want a diagnosis first, so all the testing needs to be payed for first, then they will pay for treatment. Which doesn't do much good, if you need the help sooner. What matters now is that I can get Buddy the help he needs. A good sign is that even though he has a fever, he still eats and trys to play, even though it is tough for him, he is extra sleepy and sad looking. Thanks!!!!!
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Scroll down the link to IMOM

Cat Health Help
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I found a low cost clinic a couple of cities over. Pet assistance called me and gave me their #. Office vist is only $10 versus $40, meds $15 versus $30, so its a big savings when all adds up. I am going there today, they don't accept checks, but going to cost a lot less, so I managed to get together the money. The only weird thing is Buddys fever has just seemed to break this past hour, because he is starting to act himself again, and his nose is cool and slighly wet. I am still going to take him to be checked. I just don't understand how since yesterday he was hot and constantly sleeping, with a funny sounding meow. But, right now he is in process of ripping a box apart, like everything is okay, he is suddenly just started acting normal. He's exclusively an indoor cat, so its really weird. Has this happened to any of your cats? Sick one minute, then seems to be okay the next?
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Good luck to you and buddy
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False Alarm . His nose went hot and dry again and he fell back to sleep. I thought he might be feeling better, but no luck Well hopefully I will have answers by this afternoon. But he does have brief moments when he wants to play, so I guess thats a good sign, and he is eating
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Well, I took Buddy to the Vet today, they did a full blood pannel on him and will give me the results tomorrow. When we got there, his fever dropped again. But since we got home 4 hours ago, he has been sleeping, and didn't even wake up to bug me for food when I was cooking, which is totally not normal. Well hopefully it is nothing serious, it breaks my heart to see him like this. They also told me the reason he is getting gingivitis is because he is part siamese. I see it now, he is much lighter than a siamese, but has the same markings on his face, interesting . Please send good thoughts and healing vibes for Buddy, he just looks so sad
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(((get better vibes soon)))) for Buddy.
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