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Remembering Honey

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I wanted write a little something in memory of Honey who passed away one year ago today.

My mom found her and her littermates abandoned in a box at work and fell in love with her. She decided to keep her and named her Honey Bun. She was such a unique cat, she loved to sleep in the sink (even though she didn't really fit!), her favourite game was chasing ice cubes on the kitchen floor and she loved to suckle on my mom's t-shirts. She was very smart to and would lay down and shut the fridge door for a treat.

We miss her everyday and will always remember her.

RIP Honey 1993-October 13, 2004

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Wow, I think I've seen your pictures of her before. She was such a beautiful kitty. Rest in peace Honey.
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What a beautiful tribute to Honey Bun. She was a beautiful cat, I just love that black stripe she had!!
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Oh my goodness Tracy she's stunning!!!
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Honey Bun is one of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. Rest in peace sweet girl and play every day with my Max. One year later, you are no less loved and your family misses you every day.
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Shes really pretty!
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What a moving tribute to Honey. She was such a beautiful girl and obviously very much loved.
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She was stunning!
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Condolences on the loss of Honey Bun. I love her look, too! She was so stylish, with the black tail, and a black stripe, as if she had a hat tipped just so on her head! Rest in peace, Honey!
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she really was lovely.
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Oh, Honey was beautiful..
RIP sweet girl...
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She was gorgeous! Thank you for posting a tribute to your special girl. RIP, Honey Bun.
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What a beautiful girl -- and a beautiful tribute to her.
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she is gorgeous Tracy, so elegant

Thankyou so much for sharing her life with us

until you meet again
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That was one beautiful cat!! My thoughts are with you and your angel.
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Tracy...a beautiful tribute for a beautiful cat. RIP Honey .
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Honey Bun
Beautiful name
Beautiful girl
Beautiful tribute.
Thank you.
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Honey Bun was a true beauty.
Your tribute to her was filled with love.
Enjoy the RB sweet girl.
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What a gorgeous girl and what a lovely tribute. RIP Honey.
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Oh, she was gogeous! I know you miss her.
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Indeed a gorgeous animal, she's in a better place now... RIP... don't forget her, keep her memory alive in your heart.
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Honey was gorgeous! What a great kitty, RIP sweety pie.
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