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Worried....(long, sorry)...

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Our girls are indoor/outdoor cats.

Sashka never used to be but since we moved to a house with a garden she has been going outside a bit.

When I first got my cats I didn't really understand how much better it was to keep them inside, and it's very difficult to train cats that have been outdoors all their life to adjust to being indoors exclusively, so although I don't like it, I do let them out each day for a romp.

They are in all night, every night, and don't spend more than a couple of hours outside by themselves.

I very much want to re-train them (if that's possible) though, to become exclusively indoor cats. They don't really get the whole road/driveway thing and I am terrified that one day one of them will be run over.

Also, there are many other cats in the neighbourhood and one of them really picks on Sashka. They got into a scuffle yesterday and I had to go and rescue her - she was very upset and cough/barking over her shoulder at me, and when I picked her up she growled. Later on she got out (sneaky little bugger) behind my back and she's disappeared. I can't find her anywhere and she hasn't come in for food. She didn't come in last night and I didn't sleep a wink wondering where she was and going out every five minutes to call her.

Turns out she slept in my car and was perfectly safe, but when I discovered her this morning she ran off again and I couldn't bring her in before I left for work.

Has this other cat really spooked her? And does anyone have any advice on methods I can use to start getting them used to being inside all the time?

Sorry this is long but I am very concerned...
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I'd say go cold turkey. They're bound to whine, beg and demand to get out for months, you just have to stay strong and never ever give in, otherwise they'll think you'll persuasible. Have you thought of building them an enclosure?

I think it's a really good idea to make your cats indoors only, not only for your cats' sake but also to protect the fragile wildlife of Australia (Not that I'm an expert, just my picture). I believe most outdoor cats do just fine as indoor cats, provided they have enough to do. Good luck!
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Yes I think I'll give that a try - dust off the old cat-trees etc I used to have when they were indoor-only.

I am lucky in that my cats don't chase or kill wildlife. I have seen a bird land right in front of Sashka on the front lawn and peck away at the grass and she just looks at it and doesn't do a thing!! But then, they might be killing things I don't know about - probably are, actually.
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I agree with keeping them in despite their protests. You can also consider leash and harness trainging them. If you would really like to take them out for a little bit each day then this is a reasonable solution, and less expensive than building an enclosure (although an enclosure is nicer for the cats).
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Funny thing....my Toby who has been indoors only since heas 8 weeks old still trys occassionally to sneak out...but Tedy, who`d never been inside til we got him at 6 months Never has tried to get out. Go figure!
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