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Wasps in Chimney??

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I usually get this every year. Wasps find their way into the house in the autumn. They are quite "groggy" and easy to get with the sweeper. They crawl out through the fireplace. I hate it though when we first put a log on the fire and they get all freaked out and start coming down into the fireplace into our family room.

Does this happen to any of you?
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Aw that stinks! My parents have had problems with wasps the past few years, but they don't have a chimney. They didn't get one nest that was on the highest peak of the house and the darn things ate all the way into the peak of the cathedral ceiling in thier bedroom! They also made nests behind the vinyl shutters. We used to have to run into the house to not let them in or get near them. Yuck! I don't like bugs! Let alone stingy ones!
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dont think i will come to visit you on that first fire of the year day
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aw that sucks - but it's very easy to get rid of them apparently - call in an exterminator and he will block up the chimney and then smoke them out
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Naw... I can save myself money and do that on my own. Screaming the whole time I am doing it LOLOLOL. Thanks for the advice though! You are too sweet
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Hehehe they do say smoking is bad for your health, don't they?
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I hope it's bad for their health !
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muahahahahah! I never liked wasps much - they don't bother me and I don't bother them. We've got an agreement going on there of course that doesn't stop me from squashing the odd one or two here and there. Just so long as none of the others are watching, of course.... otherwise that would be the end of that peace treaty I'm sure. I remember Alex being stung by one when he was 2 years old. He took it really well actually... just sat there and said "OW" and then it was done with. I had to take the sting out of him, poor little man, because he'd knocked it out swatting the wasp. So he took a serious stinging that day, but I was so surprised that he didn't complain about it at all. Bless him he always was mummy's little soldier.
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I've had similiar things happen before. Hey, at least it's not squirrels that get caught and end up dying in your chimney...yuck, does that stink!! Maybe get someone from a pest control place out to take a look at it, and see if they just need to put a special type of screen on it, or something.
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