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Yesterday Max called me to say he'd had a call from the ranger because Ruby had been barking, non-stop, all day, and someone had complained.

She is not a barker so I thought there was something very wrong, took the rest of the day off work and rushed home to see if she was ok.

I parked on the street so she wouldn't hear me pull up in the driveway, and snuck up to the house.

She was on the back patio chewing a bone, quiet as you please.

However, the dog two houses up from us was barking hysterically!

You'd think whoever complained would get the right dog and not make me panic and take half a day off work without needing to!!!
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Im sorry to hear that But im glad it wasnt your dog if i could i would reach out and punch that person in the nose for making you leave work And Dont you feel better now that it wasn't your Dog after all
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Awww....really they could have made sure they knew what dog it was BEFORE complaining! I think of thoes things before I ever make complaints about something. Sheesh.
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Some people are sooooooooo stupid I hope the other dog is ok though poor little thing sorry you had to have time off for nothing that sucks
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Oh I hear ya!! that would make me mad too!!
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I would totally be mad! They should apologize for your inconvinience at least.

It reminds me of living in the dorms. There was a particular snotty RA and she yelled at my friend and I chatting in the hallway saying that we were being too loud when it was some girls in a room down the hall! She yelled at us TWICE, and we even explained both times that it wasn't us! She didn't believe us, and we decided to just each go to our own rooms. The RA apologized to both of us a few days later. She was only an RA for a semester, and thank goodness she wasn't MY RA!

People should listen carefully to see where the noise is actually coming from!
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Yeah, it was annoying.

But, then again, I did get to spend two hours with her at the doggie beach on a heavenly spring day on a Thursday afternoon - when normally I would be slogging away at work.

I've got lots extra to do today but that was kind of worth it!! And the joy on her face when she saw me three hours earlier than normal was worth it, too!
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That sucks and its totaly unfair they should have to apolgise to you.
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