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Pubah Update!

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Hey everyone, just thought I'd let everyone know that Pubah is doing really well and is getting bigger by the day! He is soooo big now! And his eyes are open now too!!! It's so exciting!!!

I think because he is an only child he doesn't have to fight for his food, and so he feeds quite a bit.. he actually looks a little chubby to be honest.. sometimes he feeds a little too much and he gets the hiccups, and the noise he makes is soo cute.. it's like a little squeek! I rub his back or pat it to help get rid of the hiccups.. and this seems to work. Once his eyes are a little more adjusted to brighter lights.. I'll take some more photos and post them for you guys to see.

Alrighty, take care guys!

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What a sweetie!!! I'm currently raising a 3 week old at the moment!!
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Aww... , glad to hear Pubah is doing good! Thank you for the update!
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