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How do I know???

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How do I know when Stormy, who is 8 weeks old, almost 9 (On Saturday) is old enough to just use one litter box?? We have a basement, the first floor, and the second floor. We have a litter box on the first floor and in our bedroom on the second floor. She has had NO accidents and useing her litter box very well and she does use both. If shes upstairs she uses that one and if shes down here she uses that one. I would like her to go down to one. Probablly upstairs. Eventually we'd like to have her use the basement but we still have the gate separating the dog and cat and although Stormy can climb over the gate she normally does not unless shes looking to be batted around herself......(the dog).
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I'm not sure "how" you can tell but when I got my cat at 8wks and put her in the litter box a few times, she continued going in there. I've never had to use more than 1 with her.
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I recommend having a minimum of two litter boxes, one on each floor.
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all cats are differnt....I have one extra large litter boc for 2 cats. they have never had any accidents to date. If we add on another 1/2 bath then I may add another litter box JUST IN CASE.....but for now we seem to be fine.
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So if you have more than one floor to your house its better to have one litter box for each floor?
For those of you that only have one box do you live in single level homes? Id really like to get rid of the one in the living room since when she does poop it stinks..lol.. I always clean it up right away but when companys over thats not the best thing to have going on.......more privacy upstairs is better.
Thanks again
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Oh and the one in the living room is an extra large box........the one upstairs is a tupperware and its not as big. I just put the bigger one upstairs because of her kicking so much litter out on the floor when she covers. I just dont know if shes old enough or will go upstairs all the time when she needs to go??? She goes up and down the stairs with ease. Or could I possible be spoiling her to never going down to one box due to having two now???
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I think you should give her more time. 8-9 weeks old is such a baby. It would be hard for her to get from upstairs to the basement to go potty!

I had an extra litterbox in my front room for a semi-feral foster named Jill. I was afraid she would not travel down the 30 foot hallway to the bathroom to use the litterbox. Once she tamed up, I just quit cleaning the living room litterbox. I would scoop it, but didn't dump out the used litter. After a few weeks, I knew that they weren't using it any more. Then I got rid of it. There were never any accidents.

When your kitten gets older-maybe 3-4 months, just keep the one litterbox extra clean, and let the others have the older litter in them. Most kitties prefer a clean litterbox, and she will think it is her choosing the best box!
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Thanks Beckiboo.....thats a great idea. Ill give her a another month or so and then give it a try.
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I agree with Beckiboo that your kitten is way too small to be able to make it all the way to the basement when the urge strikes. So, wait until the cat is large enough to make it from the second floor to the basement within a minute or two before doing away with the other boxes.

With that said...you will be much less likely to have potty problems in the future if you keep more than one box for the cat. So, you might have one on the second floor and one in the basement just to be on the safe side. And, make sure that there is always a light on (nightlight perhaps) in the basement because even though cats see better than humans in the dark, they can't see when it is pitch black.
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I really recommend having more than one - but you will probably be able to doa way with the one in the living room. Keep the basement one and one in a bathroom somewhere. It's no more work really - the cat still does the same amount of poop! But it is much easier for her and you will lessen even the risk of accidents.
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Wow! I never knew people used more than 1 litterbox for just 1 kitty. I had 2 when Molly was little and then when she was about 4 months old I switched to just 1. When I did that, I took her down stairs and set her IN the kitty box about 3 or 4 times that day just to reinforce that that's where she needs to go from now on. Had no problems whatsoever.
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