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I just inherited a ferrel cat what do I do?

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I have just inherited my neighbors ferrel cat. 5 years ago we trapped her and had her fixed and got her shots. My neighbor died last week and I now own the cat. I am planning on trapping her and getting her shots up to date. My neighbor could touch the cat with one hand but if she reached down with the other hand the cat would run. I would love to tame her but am not sure if she would like that or if she would be happier if I just feed her and let her run free. Any advice?
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Welcome....there is lots of good advice here:


Other than feeding this cat....you should provide it with shelter from the elements.

Thank you for caring for this cat.

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How great that you can take over the cat's care. Maybe she will tame up for you, but if not, at least she has someone watching out for her!
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I caught the cat. She is alot tamer than I thought she would be. I have found (after 4 scratches and 3 bites) If I courner her and carefully pet her first she will (not very happily) let me pick her up. Then I hold her close and pet her and she actually purrs. She will even let my kids pet her and she even purred at the vet. But the next time I try to catch her we start all over again.
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It's completely a trust thing. A feral cat will learn to trust you if you give her time. You may never truly forge a connection that lets you pet her and huggle her and put her on your lap, but you'll see how much the cat appreciates you.

I have a little family of four that I care for. 'Mama' cat is clearly an old stray. She had a home once but escaped and became a bit feral. She'll freak if I pick her up or make sudden movements, but she will come to me to be petted and purr. One of her kittens "Daisy" will do the same. However, her last two will let me stand nearby but will never let me touch them beyond maybe just maybe a quick pat.

However, the two that don't let me touch them also are the two that stand up on their hind legs at my door and stare in at me. Or hop up and hit the window with their paws in excitement if I'm about to feed them. Mama and Daisy just sit and kinda look in...
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My husband, who grew up on a farm with barn cats who were not fed, is good with our outside cats (who are most certainly fed!). He has a way of calling a cat for food or pets by just hunching down and holding his hand down and flicking his fingers. Rather than grabbing them and petting them, it kind of invites them to that good feeling. The friendly outside cats will run to him for loving. Maybe that would work with her, where she can get the loving she is probably craving, but not feel threatened.
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