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Furious!! Please help!

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-I'm not sure where to post this, but MODs please feel free to move it to the correct spot-THANKS-

I was on the website for our local Humane Society today and one of the guys I works with told me that their house cat is pregnant again and babies will be born in about a month, and he said that we could have first choice of the litter of what we wanted, I told him thanks, but I was looking for an older cat than Harley cuz I think he would adjust better to an older cat rather than a baby.

Anyways-he then goes on to tell me that he will probly just end up taking the babies in a sack and taking them down on the river road and leaving them! I was almost in tears, I was just like NO YOU WONT! I told him that when they were born and ready to leave the mother I would take them to the Humane Society or find homes for them, and that if I found out that he did that, I would be VERY upset with him!! I really don't know if he would or not, but people thinking that way make me upset.

I don't want these poor kittens to be ditched somewhere, would the Humane Society take them when they were born? What can I do to make sure that these poor little babies aren't treated the wrong way?

I am so sad
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I'm worried. they need their momma, and their momma needs them- until they are weaned! They might survive being bottle fed, but the momma could get mastitis if she doesn'tget to put down her milk. :/

Also how unfair to the cat, he shouldn't have one if that's how he feels about them!
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I hate that people can be so callous!

It depends on the Humane Society as to what they will do, you may want to call them and ask them. You can also try Rescue Groups but it's hard, they are usually full up.

And whoever gets those kittens from him MUST make him spay that cat! It's pregnant again !? Maybe even just rescue her too...
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I have to go home and I can't repost until tomorrow mornign when i get back here to work, but I'm going to call the Humane Society tonight
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he's wrong in so many ways - first off, why is the house cat pregnant again? why hasn't she been spayed? however, since he's so clueless as to neglect spaying her, i'm not surprised he thinks of the babies as 'disposable'. can you somehow suggest that she be spayed after this litter is weaned?
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Share with him these low cost clinics and see if either will spay a pregnant cat. Then you solve 2 problems....he can't drown the kittens and the mom is spayed so she can't get pregnant again. If they don' around and see who will spay a pregnant cat..then offer to pay for her spay.

Spay, Neuter, Aid Program (SNAP)
Contented Critters
PO Box 385
Makinen, MN 55763
Low cost spay/neuter for pets of qualified low income people.
Duluth Animal Allies Humane Society
& City of Duluth Animal Shelter
2627 Courtland St
Duluth, MN 55806

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I'd be furious, too. You'll do what you can to keep him from doing this, I know. What a jerk!
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I am so furious!! I just want to make sure that these poor babies don't get harmed, I don't want them to be just 'disposed' of......I can't imagine anyone hurting animals like this, it makes me FURIOUS!! I will PAY to get his cat spayed and take the kittens to a safe home. Why are there people like this out there?
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Because most humans are insane?
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Originally Posted by Kathylou
Because most humans are insane?
Some of them, yes, I agree....
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Maybe see if you can take momma and babies from him? I don't know if he cares about momma cat so much as to keep her, if he keeps letting her get pregnant. Then when babies are raised, see if you can rehome them and the mother, if not take them to a rescue or something? I just don't want the babies hamred or the momma to have more..

I hope you can figure something out!
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I don't think the humane society will take tiny kittens. My sister had a stray dog give birth under a shed in her yard years ago. When she called the humane society, they said they would take the mother, but euthanize the puppies. They did not have the time or space to keep the pups until they were old enough to be adopted out. (Luckily they did come pull the puppies out from under the shed, so we were able to take the little family to our house a let the babies grow up!)

I agree with TNR. See if he will get the cat spayed now, then there are no kittens, now or ever. Although the kittens never get to be born, they also never get to be abused!
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I would find out what the policies of the of the Humane Society in your area - some take kittens, some do not. Most eutheize; some do not. You could take mama and have her spayed while [regnant - that seems the best option if she is not too far along. That way, there will be no unwanted kittens and maybe yiu can find a good home for her.

In any case, hwe should be reported to the Human Society for cruelty! (Tho he may not have broken the lkaw just yet, sigh!)
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I wish I could take the mother cat, but I can't--I live in an apartment and I don't have the space to keep a pregnant cat and kittens, I haven't been able to get ahold of the Humane Society yet (I've been out of town) but I'm going to talk to the owner of the cat and tell him his options....I will gladly pay to get her spayed and/or find her a new home!

I just don't understand some people
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