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Just Curious - Who Else Here Has Dogs?

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I know we've done the "other pets" subject to death, but I was just curious who else has a dog in addition to their cats. What kind of dog do you have? Does he or she have an interesting story?

I have Daisy, a black lab, who I got from the city pound when she was 8 months old. She was registered with the AKC, spayed, and current on shots. I have no idea why she was given to the pound, but it was my lucky day when I found her. I just happened to be there, not interested in any more pets, but I HAD to have her when I saw her. I've had her for a year and a half now, and she's just the best dog. She's great with my kids and with the neighbors kids, but she has snapped at strange children before, so I try to keep her away from other children when possible. She is an "outside" dog, but not by my choise. Hubby thinks our house is too small for 4 people, 2 cats, and a large dog. But he doesn't have a problem with Daisy being inside when he's gone, and he's gone alot!

Here's a picture of Daisy and the kids about a year ago. (Boy do I need to get a scanner!)
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we have a Lab/Chow/ Rotti mix, he's as dumb a s a rock, is trying to be a cat and lovable as heck! His name is babe (after the pig), and he's a rescue... he's my buddy..

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Missed you guy, glad those cat shows are done for awhile so you can relax. I have a German Shepherd and she has been a wonderful nursemaid to many abandoned litter of kittens. She regularly has to share her cage with the myriad of cats and kittens that come through here. She is obedient and loving, and her full name is Kenai Spirit-Talker because she talks all the time, especially in the mornings when she says good morning
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Well besides our gang of cats, we have a gang of dogs. We have Cookie and Frankie (a/k/a "Baby Bitch" and "Stuck on Stupid") which is a real long story but they are also rescues (from a pet store), a rescued St. Bernard named Sukie who's a real mush and I'm not sure if any of you remembered, but I place retired racing greyhounds into forever homes so we have two of them named Boots and Ardie. So as my mom says (and my husband agrees), we have a small zoo. I tell everyone that I wouldn't have it any other way.

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I have a Golden Retriever, who I found up in 100 mile house. His owners abandoned him up at the campsite we were staying at, and he slept at our cabin door for 3 days, so we took him home. His name is Buddy and he has a solid red coat. We don't know how old he is, the vet said between 3-5 years old.
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I have Sam (9 mos. & Libby 2 yrs.) I got Libby first while I was in my apartment. There was a stray cat in need of medical attention so I took her to the vet and he said it would be best if she were put to sleep. I was very upset and while I was paying for the services at the counter there was a sign "Free Puppy - Ask to See." So I asked and they brought out this cute little thing that couldn't have been more than 8 weeks old. I held her and she just licked me to death and I just had to have her; especially after they told they had kept her for as long as they could and animal control would be picking her up tomorrow. I couldn't let a cute little baby like that go to the pound. Plus I figured it was a sign that I was to take her home. Funny thing is I asked them if they had an idea of how big she might get and they said, "Oh, no more than 25-30 lbs." Well she weighs 46 lbs. She is very lean and longer than she is tall. At first I though she might be German Shepard/Huskie (her tail curls right over her back and stay curled most of the time) but recently I noticed that the back of her tongue has a couple of small black spots. From what I have been told, dogs that have any black on their tongue are part chow. Oh well, whatever she is she sure is beautiful!

I got Sam a couple of months ago. Hubby (fiance at the time) and I came home from grocery shopping early one Sunday evening. We live on a couldesac and all the kids were out there playing and this puppy kept chasing them. Well we had never seen this dog before so I asked one of the kids if it belonged to one of them. They said no. Then my husband heard one of the mothers tell her kids to stay away from that strange dog. So I asked one of the older kids If he saw where the dog came from and he said no. Well we couldn't leave a puppy out there when it was about to get dark. So we took him in. We did everything we could think of to find his owners but no one turned up. We took him to the vet, they said he was 5 mos. old, and got everything taken care of and he's been ours ever since. We are just about 100% sure he is Boxer/Beagle. His tail had been bobbed and his duclaws had been removed (which is odd for a mix breed). We figure someone must have just dumped him on our street seeing all those kids and figured one of them would take him home.

Sorry so long, all my pets have dramatic (well to me anyway) stories of how I got them.
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Sabra - But thier stories are what make so many animals special! I love to hear the stories. Any one else?

I call my Daisy a velcro dog. She's by my side constantly. If I'm on the computer, she's bumping my hand with her head or putting her paws on my lap trying to get up on me (she weighs 65 lbs!). She's a big lap dog.
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I have a German Shepherd, and a Terrior/ heinz 57 mix.
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what do you need??????
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Dogs!!!!!!! Im sorry!!!! yikesssssss
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Our first dog was Malakai, hubby went to the package store to buy a six pack of beer and came home with a 4 week old puppy, he's a shepard, husky, chow mix, about 80 pounds and just loves Kezzer to death. We than got Kodiak we got him from the pound, he's a husky, setter mix, he weighed about 40 pounds, and was nothing but skin and bones when we got him, he's a big love and is Malakai's sidekick. Next comes Buddy, he's a husky, shepard mix, we got him for our son from the pound, to raise, well all I can say on that is he's a big buffalo, I than went to the pet store and fell in love with a Rottie, greyhound, lab, mix that I just had to have so I brought him home and named him Earnhardt (yes, he's named after Dale). He's the best behaved and he's Malakai's second in command of the pack.
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Yep, we have 3 dogs.A Collie whose name is Piper of Froghollow, he's 5.Black Lab whose name is Molly, she's 6 and a Bision whose name is Buddy and he is 3.We have a great time with all of them. Also keet's, horses and cat's. Now we are looking into Llama's. What a yard and house full.
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Frog...my step-daughter has 2 bisions (sp?) they breed them and sell the pups...they are SO cute!
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I love Bisions! I am allowing myself to buy one purebred dog in the future, a rottweilder, and the rest will be mixed breeds and shelter dogs. Maybe I will find a rottie at the shelter. I will buy my dogs when I have a big, fenced in yard. They will be indoors- and outdoors and frisbe catchers. There are many black dogs(mostly lab mixes) at the shelters. I don't know why.

Dawn, your dog reminds me of UBU, the dog at the end of some 80's shows were the man is saying, Sit Ubu sit! Then there is a bark, Then the man is saying, good dog!
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