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This has been and will always be my only cat forum.

This is a VERY special place. It has magic. It has love from the furthest places on earth. It has compassion, fairness, respect, and a very special ethic that simply dictates we are all here for our deep love of cats and our respect for life -- human, feline, and otherwise. This place is where people from all walks of life can be themselves, will know they are accepted, and where ALL kitties are loved.

You gotta understand: the power of 8,000 cat people is a very powerful thing.
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I used to be a member of Acmepets.com before it was taken done. That was a LOOOOONG time ago. They had alot of trolls and flaming there. If someone even MENTIONED that thier cat had stole a piece of cheese, or a sip of milk, you were the worst person in the world! This board is MUCH more laid back and friendly
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