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When is it enough??

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I just have to get some outside opinions on this situation. Its making me crazy. Since I have been pregnant, I have not become one of these hypersensitive women who cry easily, oh no, I get mad. I mean flaming angry!

Well, I have worked for this company for almost three years, in fact it will three years in May when I give birth to my first child. From the beginning it has been conveyed to me that this pregnancy is an inconvenience to the company. I have looked for jobs before I got pregnant and was unsuccessful, and to try and get a new job now is impossible.
The entire three years I have worked here, I have had the same chair. It has been broken the entire time...it leans all the way back, like if you get into it, you are getting ready to be launched out of a rocket. One day last week, I got into the office, and started working. The screws fell out of the arm of the chair! Both of them! I put the screws back in and continued with my work. When I came back from lunch, I had a new chair. Apparently, some co-workers decided the chair was unsafe and if I continued to sit in it, I could be hurt. So, they took one, a nice one, I might add, from another office that was vacant and just switched things around.
Monday morning, in the meeting it was brought up about the old chairs. And the main boss (not my direct boss, but the owner) says "Well, if you hadn't gotten so heavy your chair would not have broken." Understand that he is in his mid-eighties and should probably just stay home, hes german, and sometimes he says things that he doesnt mean. I know he meant because I was pregnant....but quite a few of my co-workers started to object about the comment. All I said was very calmly, that if the company were not so cheap, we would have decent chairs, and that I could have sat in the chair until it broke completely and fallen and then sued when I was injured or my unborn child was injured.
After the meeting, and ever since, we have taken that comment and ran with it. We tease eachother, and I think hes discovered that perhaps he overstepped the line with that comment. I am sure that can be considered harrassment, but I need my job, and I cant make a complaint.
So, today, he comes in my office with two little wood things. It was two different sized squares, painted gold, with a gold screw glued to the top, head down, point up. And he sets it down on my desk and tells me one of our production people made it for his daughter for her choir class and can I guess what it is. I was like no, it looks like 2 wood squares and a screw. I mean, come on! I dont know, and I certainly dont care! He tells me that its a "Screw-up award". And I was puzzled. Are you suggesting that I am a screwup? Or did you just want to show someone? I mean...and he thought it was funny. It wasnt funny, at least I didnt think it was funny. And to give it to children? If I were a parent who had a child come home and tell me that they got a screw up award, I would be livid and pulling them out of that class. Who are they to teach ANY child that a mistake is unaaceptable, and therefore makes you a screw up?
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First of all..........

I don't care how old this man is or what his position, that is a totally unappropriate thing to say to anybody, much less a pregnant woman.
The company you work for has got to follow certain guidelines about ethical behaviour. That is NOT acceptable and I would complain.

The next is, are the production people paid to make these "screwed up" awards. That is most likely made on company time with company materials. Most companies I know would definitely frown on this big time. Plus this is not something I would think the teachers or anyone with any sense would give to an impressionable aged student.

Who manages this zoo??
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for boss of the year!
Wow! I would be tempted to think that his age, gender and nationality do have something to do with it, but you know, there are d**kheads all over the world!
Nice award, real classy.
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