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Sad for my Guinea pig

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I know this isn't about cats, but I need some kind words and I know this is the place to get them.
I have a guinea pig. Her name is Willow. She's been such a source of comfort through my tough university years when I couldn't have my aging cat around. I've had her for 4 years this month and she's grown to be a friend of mine.
She lives in a huge cage that I built her, always has clean bedding, fresh water, pellets, fresh veggies and hay to munch on. For a couple of years she even lived with her sister, who passed on two days before Christmas last year.
About the time that I lost Elora (her sister) Willow started showing signs of having the same jaw problems that Elora had. It's common in guinea pigs, but I know that its very painful for them to live with. The alternative is to give them opporations every 4-weeks to 4 months which is an indepth proceedure for the rest of their lives. As with Elora, I have made the decision to make Willow as comfortable as possible but not to go ahead with the opporations, as they themselves would be painful and stressfull.
Last night Willow stopped eating. I gave her some of her favourite romaine lettuce this afternoon and she ate a bit, but not nearly enough. I think it's time for me to do the humane thing and let her go.
I am so sad. I don't want her to hurt anymore and I knew this day would come but that doesn't make it hurt less. It was all I could do to hold her and cry this afternoon. Somehow I feel guilty for her pain. Please send her loving and pain free thoughts.
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Willow..my many prayers are with you.
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Oh dear thats so awful. I just bought a guinea pig last week to add to my collection of pets. You must be feeling awful...i was in this kind of situation with my cat pixie i had him put to sleep and i know it was the most humane thing to do becuase he suffered terribly with some sort of cancer.you will know deep down that it is the right thing to do,every animal deserves to leave in peace. Iv lost so many animals in my 19 yrs of life and i still miss all of them. Willow sounds gorgeous and i hope you will be feeling better soon.
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I am so sorry. I have had my guinea pig Sophie for 4 years. She is such a good friend and companion. She even has her own theme song. My thoughts are with Willow and you. Emily
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I am sorry about Willow. Don't feel guilty at all though, you've done absolutely nothing wrong, you just had to make a difficult choice. Willow has obviously had a very good life for a guinea pig, and been very well loved.
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Awwww im so sorry, poor Willow At the end of the day he was still a pet no matter what he was.

RIP Willow
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Thank you. I'll be making an appointment for her tomorrow. Her sister should be at the rainbow waiting for her. Please send her happy travelling throughts.
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Have an easy passing, Willow. Enjoy your reunion over the bridge, with your sister Elora. And condolences to you, Jess. I have loved a guinea pig, too. Although it was over 25 years ago, I still know what lovely little pets they are.

My Ginny got loose one day, when she was out playing with the pet rabbits. I thought we would never find her. Over a month later, a neighbor 2 doors away was in her garden and heard a crunching noise. She first thought maybe the cabbages were growing really fast, then decided it couldn't be that. Imagine her surprise to peek under the cabbage leaves and find Ginny, happily munching. We were all so glad to find her safe!

Ginny also spent several years in school, both kindergarten and first grade. She would come home to us on school breaks, but I feel certain she learned alot while listening to all the children recite their ABC's.

Willow, if you find an exceptionally intelligent, well traveled guinea pig named Ginny, please give her a squeak and a hug and let her know that Becky still loves her, and will never forget her.
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Originally Posted by Sylorna
Thank you. I'll be making an appointment for her tomorrow. Her sister should be at the rainbow waiting for her. Please send her happy travelling throughts.

this is very belated, but your post brought tears to my eyes - i have no doubt that her sister IS waiting for her and will help her cross...

RIP sweetheart - sending LOTS & LOTS of happy travelling thoughts - you will be deeply missed
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I'm also reading this quite late. I'm so sorry, Jess. It is evident that you loved your sweet Willow, and you did the best thing for her. We also had to say goodbye to our kitty Sumo in August, and your thread had me crying. Hold onto all the happy memories, and remember, as long as they are in your heart, your babies will never be forgotten.
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