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Here goes...

Whisky, my older cat, likes catnip and will play with it for awhile. I just got a little bag of catnip and put it in an old sock. Oliver sniffed it once and literally tore in to it. Chewing it, biting it and licking it. That sock will NOT last the day without tearing open.

My question...

What do you use to put your catnip in??? What type of items do you use and do you use the toys that already have catnip in them?? What about this catnip spray I've heard about??

Please hurry as he is sitting next to me, waiting for an answer...


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I sprinkle a little pile of catnip on the floor and then watch the festivities! We always do this the morning before vacuuming because it makes a mess. The cats LOVE being able to eat it and roll in it so it is worth having to take time to clean up after them!
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I have also put it in an old sock and then doubled and tripled it over, and I also put it in little piles on the floor. Actually, that's the way I usually do it. A few years ago I found a little wooden barrel-like toy at PetSmart that you put the nip into and let the cats roll it around. Alas, it somehow got lost, and I have never been able to find another one. It was great because it couldn't be torn up, but the cats could still smell the nip. The only drawback was sometimes the little plug would come off and all the nip would fall out, and I'd have to search for the plug and fill it back up.
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I made the mistake of just leaving the container of nip on the floor with the lid off. It doesn't take a lot to get these two *sweethearts* going. They started chasing each other and one thing led to another, Misty came barreling around the corner of the couch and ran right over the nip container.

I will admit it was pretty neat how far the container flew. lol

Keith if you want to put nip on the floor but don't want a big mess I suggest a cookie tray.
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I put it into a sock as well as leave little piles on the floor for him to roll in and eat it. The spray you mentioned really sucks - got no reaction out of Loki whatsoever. Might want to try the catnip bubbles though - Loki loves them.

Good luck..
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Funny thing....

I have those catnip bubbles and Oliver just lays there and watches them. Whisky, though, tears into them. Completely opposite of real catnip! Go figure!!!

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on the floor, too.... Jake goes insane..... I swear he needs betty ford catnip intervention:tounge2: I shoulda named him cheech. I also have toys w/catnip in them, but sometimes I think the catnip isn't as good when it's been hanging in the store for months. I also grow my own in my herb garden (bad Idea - gotta move it) and he grazes when he wants it (which is all the time - ate the plant to the ground last summer!):tounge2:
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Catz eat it fresh - right off the plant (actually the whole plant once:tounge2: ), but if you dry it, you can store it in a plastic container - er.... although, jake ate thru one to get it - he's a JUNKIE:tounge2: :martian:
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Well...thanks everyone!!! It seems that just tossing it on the floor is the way to do it. I'm going to try growing some. I didn't know you could do that! Thanks again!!!

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Home grown catnip is AWSOME!! We grow it during the summer. It's a weed, so it really takes off. When we want some, we go out and snip the leaves and then put it in the oven to dry. It's hilarious to watch all of them in the kitchen as the aroma pours from the oven
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What temp do you dry them at?? And for how long??

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You dry it at a really low temp for an hour or two. I put mine on 200 and then just check every so often to see if it's completley dry
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Hi, I was just wondering about catnip. What exactlly is it? and what does it do. thanx....
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